Why Pregnancy is Exciting Milestone in Women Life

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Pregnancy is an exciting life milestone for women and many seek education to aid in their physical, emotional, and psychological well-being during this critical time of gestation. Unfortunately, normal antenatal classes cannot take place due to public health emergencies like COVID-19 pandemic.

This study examined the use of online antenatal education through the Mother and Child Health Handbook app prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic. Results demonstrated that pregnant women were actively seeking information online regarding pregnancy-related matters.


Ob-gyns and labor and delivery nurses strongly advise expecting mothers to attend childbirth classes to better prepare themselves for labor, birth and postpartum recovery. It’s convenient that these classes can now be taken online, giving pregnant women access to learning from home or even while on-the-go!

These best prenatal classes are self-guided and feature video lessons, workbooks, wellness meditations and recipes geared toward expecting parents. Topics covered may include the physical changes associated with pregnancy; relationship and sex changes during gestation; planning for maternity leave and preparing your home for baby; some virtual prenatal classes also feature private communities for expecting parents where they can connect and find support from others who are expecting.

This class is offered to women planning on giving birth at Froedtert Hospital or Froedtert Menomonee Falls Hospital as well as those planning a community birth, with registration covering two people.


Antenatal classes vary depending on where they’re taken; hospitals may provide free classes while private lessons could cost several hundred dollars or even be eligible for rebates from your medical insurance provider.

Hilary’s Online Prenatal Class for Couples is priced to suit couples’ budgets, featuring video lessons as well as downloadable worksheets, recipes and wellness meditations. Available on an advanced platform that lets you take the course at your own convenience, this program can benefit those planning on giving birth at MultiCare Auburn Medical Center, MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital and MultiCare Tacoma General Hospital as well as those planning out-of-hospital birth centers.


Online childbirth classes offer a convenient alternative for women unable to attend in-person classes due to bedrest, work commitments or other barriers. Self-paced and user friendly, some provide even offer downloadable textbooks you can keep. Many insurers reimburse these classes so check with your provider to see if you qualify!

In-Person Classes: These three-hour courses, led by an instructor, cover newborn characteristics and care, when to call the pediatrician and concerns related to safety and illness; breastfeeding/feeding training is also covered during this class; please note: fees charged per couple unless otherwise specified.

Online class: An interactive online program that addresses pregnancy discomforts, labor support techniques and the process of birth. Additionally it discusses pain medications, cesarean delivery, postpartum changes and postpartum recovery. Available eight weeks from first login with animated illustrations, videos and voice-overs specifically targeted to adults on computers, tablets or mobile devices.

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