Why I Chose Buying a Handheld Gaming Console Instead of a Laptop

My friends were like, ‘What’? They said, ‘Mate, what about the high-end games?’ Questions like if I can play games with heavy processing power or statements such as I cannot get a good gaming experience in a handheld console rushed towards me. 

However, I had an answer. And the answer is a good one. All I wanted to buy was a gaming device. Of course, a gaming laptop is meant to help you play your favourite games. However, it is also something that performs other processor-heavy tasks such as editing videos etc.

Do you really not need a gaming laptop? The answer to that is ‘maybe or maybe not’. As long as your use-case scenario changes and you are looking for a device with signatory functions, both gaming laptop and PCs have their own positions.

Why did I use my precious money to buy myself a Nintendo Switch Lite even if I had the money to buy myself a gaming PC? Well, it is not for the price benefit, my dear readers. You see, I am a person of an analytical mind. I found out that buying this handheld console is more affirmative if I am trying to make a conscious and relevant decision. If you want to learn more about it, then the following points might help you out. 

What Is a Handheld Gaming Console?

It all started from the days we got our hands on those Nintendo Gameboys. I am not being brand specific in this case, though. However, Nintendo did a great job bringing the handheld gaming experience. Today, it is a statement for gamers as well as for game developers. A handheld console is excellent at doing its job of offering you portable gaming. It’s easy, and it’s more fun than the gaming laptop sometimes.

A handheld game console is a device that lets you play all your games in a handheld device, of course. The device here functions as the game display as well as the game controller. These portable devices can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can help you play games while you are on the couch travelling somewhere by train.

You must note that Portable gaming consoles have their own OS. For example, the Steam Deck runs the SteamOS, which can be a plus side to running games smoothly without lag. It is because you no longer have to worry about your desktop OS’s compatibility with your game. Video games are mainly made in a different handheld console version. For instance, you can play Wildenstein: The New Colossus on the Nintendo Switch because the developers have made a Nintendo Switch version of the game. You can get the game in specially made cartridges. 

Why Do I Need to Buy a Handheld Console over a Gaming PC?

With all of that being said, you might be wondering why you will leave all the wonderful perks of a gaming laptop in pursuit of a small handheld console. Read more below:

  • You Get the Goodness of Portability 

Gaming laptops might have portability to allow you to play different kinds of games. On the other hand, gaming handhelds kind of give you the same option. Moreover, it adds something called physical portability. My Nintendo Switch Lite is a relatively small thing. It feels almost like a Phablet in your hand. Slide it in your satchel bag or just carefully place it in a large trouser pocket. It will be fine. Take it out on the train or the cab and enjoy that mission you were playing back at home.  

  • You Won’t Have to Worry about Upgrades or Hardware 

I mean, look at the bright side. The console has already been made for gaming. You do not need to buy expensive hardware such as a graphics card or gaming mouse and keyboard. Although a laptop can come with these options, you might still need to invest in software upgrades and overall maintenance.

Handheld consoles are better at doing their job because they are optimised for gaming. They won’t have graphics issues or battery problems while you are playing games on them. The consoles do not even overheat.

  • The Price Is Quite Relaxing 

You don’t need to spend much money on a handheld console. You know how less the Nintendo Switch Lite costs. I am not elaborating on that. Steam Deck and other consoles, such as ASUS ROG Ally, may cost a little more than the Switch. However, they cost almost half of a powerful gaming laptop.

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  • You Get to Play the Same Games 

Yes, it would definitely be a great competition between the console and the gaming laptop when the former cannot support playing the games for the latter. However, that may not be a good way to run businesses for developers. It can create confusion.

This is why you get almost all console versions of the games you play on your Gaming laptop. When you get to play those titles at a lower price, why would you buy something as expensive as a laptop?

  • When Do You Still Need a Laptop?

You might still want to get your gaming with a gaming laptop because of specific reasons. Suppose you are someone who spends time not only gaming but also doing other processor-heavy work such as video editing or photo-editing, or animating and as such. In that case, you should get a gaming laptop. The reasons are simple. You have more computing needs.

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To Conclude I hope I have given you a few good reasons to invest money in handheld gaming consoles. However, you are welcome to think more about this topic. Always remember, you should buy what you want. Therefore, understand your needs and make a decision.

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