Tia Hernlen: Navigating Tragedy, Finding Solace, and Embracing Privacy

tia hernlen

The life of Tia Hernlen, born in 2000 to Julie and Aeneas Hernlen, took a tragic turn in 2005 when a horrifying event shook their family. This article delves into Tia’s journey, the dramatic incident that changed her life, and her subsequent efforts to find solace and privacy amidst public interest.

Early Years: A Cherished Childhood

Tia Hernlen, born in 2000, was the apple of her parents’ eyes. Julie and Aeneas Hernlen, avid surfers, instilled a sense of adventure in their daughter from an early age. They prioritized family time, creating cherished memories through shared activities like surfing and movie outings.

The Tragic Incident: A Nightmare Unfolds

In 2005, a devastating event shattered the Hernlen family’s tranquility. David Edward Johnson, fueled by misguided beliefs, violently entered their home, leaving a trail of tragedy in his wake. Amidst the chaos, a five-year-old Tia displayed astonishing bravery, dialing 911 and providing a calm, detailed account of the harrowing scene.

Coping with Loss: Tia’s Journey Forward

Left orphaned at a tender age, Tia sought solace with her extended family in Central Florida. The community rallied around her, creating the Tia Hernlen Trust Fund to safeguard her future. This collective effort served as a beacon of hope during a profoundly challenging chapter in Tia’s life.

The Legal System’s Shortcomings: A Call for Change

The incident involving Tia Hernlen and Tia Hernlen parents sparked outrage and raised serious questions about the effectiveness of the legal system. Julie Hernlen’s attempts to seek protection from Johnson, including a restraining order, were met with a disheartening rejection. This tragic event underscores the need for more robust measures to safeguard individuals and families from potential threats.

Tia Hernlen’s Quest for Privacy

In the wake of such a publicized tragedy, Tia Hernlen has chosen a path of seclusion. At 23 years old, she values her privacy, abstaining from social media and maintaining a low profile. This deliberate choice reflects her strength and determination to heal away from the spotlight.

A Glimpse into Tia Hernlen’s Life Today

While Tia’s specific endeavors and occupation remain private, it’s reasonable to assume that she may be dedicating herself to personal growth and, potentially, furthering her education. Her decision to lead a quiet life speaks volumes about her resilience and determination to forge her own path.


Tia Hernlen’s life has been marked by tragedy, courage, and an unwavering commitment to privacy. Her story serves as a reminder of the resilience of the human spirit in the face of unimaginable loss. As she navigates her own path forward, Tia stands as a beacon of strength and a testament to the power of privacy in the healing process.

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