The 10 Best Capcom Series Of All Time


The best games from Capcom are in these series.

Capcom has made some of the most well-known games of all time. Part of the magic of video games is that they can take you to a different world in ways that no other art form can. Capcom always does this by making some of the most creative and important video games ever.

Whether you’re sneaking through a crumbling mansion full of zombies or going around the world to fight the toughest fighters, Capcom’s wide range of series has given us some of gaming’s best heroes, most scary villains, most puzzling secrets, and most expansive fantasy worlds. Everyone can find something they like in this big book of ideas.

Ghosts ‘n Goblins

Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection promo art

The Ghosts ‘n Goblins series has eaten up quarters faster than few other video games. These games are known for how hard they are, and even Castlevania and Battletoads can’t beat them.

Even though most current platformers don’t have a lives system or many of the other harsh parts of arcade games, there’s still something to be said for that old-school challenge. Finding power-ups and items is fun, and when you finally get past a barrier, it feels like you’ve done something no other time. Even in your underwear, you can fight the Devil. It’s worth going back just for that.

Viewtiful Joe

Viewtiful Joe Cartoon Promo Image Of Joe Throwing An Acrobatic Kick

When you play a Viewtiful Joe game, you feel like you’re in a picture book. Everything about this book, from the art style to the humor, would be right at home in an issue of your favorite character series from when you were a kid. Over the years, Capcom has made a lot of beat-em-ups, but Viewtiful Joe stands out because of its unique personality and interesting take on the genre.

You play as Joe, a character who can change the flow of time. This gives you many options. You can speed up time to do fast attacks or slow it down to stop bullets. Even though the series was cut terribly short, it still had a lot of fun and funny games.

Dead Rising

Dead Rising First Game Official Artwork

Have you ever wanted to kill hordes of zombies while wearing a Speedo and a Mega Man helmet? Lucky for you, you can. Most zombie games are scary, but Dead Rising is a nice change of pace because it is funny. There are a lot of zombies, and you can kill them with a wide range of cool tools and funny outfits.

The kills are way too much fun. You can do many creative things to hurt an enemy, like shove the end of a lawnmower into their face or play an electric guitar so loudly that their head bursts. Even if Backrooms game’s time-based features aren’t for everyone, Dead Rising is a great way to get your heart racing.

Devil May Cry

Dante shows off how cool his sword is

Devil May Cry is what you’d get if you mixed an action anime with a gothic horror book. Dante, a half-demon bounty hunter, was introduced in this series. He quickly became one of the most well-known characters in video games. You go through a lot of beautiful gothic-themed settings and use a lot of anime-style skills and weapons to defeat the army of demons in the Underworld.

There’s a good mix of beat-em-up and hack-and-slash features in the fights. With each installment, the universe’s story grew and changed, giving us more memorable and powerful characters and some juicy drama based on mythology. Devil May Cry is a great action-adventure game series by Capcom.

Marvel vs. Capcom

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 For Dreamcast, Spider-Man Fighting Ryu From Street Fighter

Capcom is known for making great fighting games, and Marvel vs. Capcom is a great example. It’s not too much of an exaggeration to say that the second part is one of the most popular and well-known fighting games of all time.

The famous tag-team mechanic of the series lets you use a lot of different strategies, which makes it a dream for competitive play. Marvel’s weird superheroes like Spider-Man, the Hulk, and the X-Men go well with Capcom’s colorful group of characters. Marvel vs. Capcom isn’t just a celebration of both businesses. It’s a love letter to people who like both video games and comic books. It shows what’s best about each.

Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter Rise For Nintendo Switch, Hunters Fighting A Monster

Monster Hunter’s best feature is right there in its name. In this series, the goal is to hunt down a wide range of different creatures, each of which has its own habits, strengths, and flaws that you’ll need to learn in order to know how to fight it.

Capcom does a great job making these monsters feel like they are real. The way they move and change their actions during a fight makes them seem like real, living things. Monster Hunter is a good action RPG series that you can spend hundreds of hours on.

Ace Attorney

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy, Phoenix Wright Raising An Objection In The First Turnabout

Ace Attorney is one of the silliest series made by Capcom. Phoenix Wright, a first-year defense lawyer, is the main character. He defends a wide range of strange clients who have been wrongly accused of murder, and he often has to find the real killer.

The fights in court are hilariously crazy. Anything goes. You can question a bird, call up a ghost as a witness, and there’s even a lawyer who throws hot coffee at you on purpose. But what makes Ace Attorney great are its many likeable personalities and complex mysteries. It’s always rewarding to catch a witness in a lie and yell “Objection!” in their face.

Street Fighter

ryu in street fighter 6

Every once in a while, a series comes along that changes a genre totally. One of them is Street Fighter. Street Fighter 2 set the standard for what a fighting game should be like. It was the first game to include many features that are now standard in the genre.

Part of what makes Street Fighter so famous is that it has a lot of different, powerful characters, each with a different attitude and set of moves. Street Fighter has had an effect on more than just fighting games. It’s one of the most important series ever, and it’s still the best of its kind.

Mega Man

Mega Man poses with different boss characters from the games

Mega Man used to be one of the most popular characters in platform games, along with Mario and Sonic. Even though there are no more games in the series, the Blue Bomber has left behind one of the best video game accomplishments, which is a collection of must-play platformers.

Mega Man was amazing because its structure was mostly non-linear, and its rock-paper-scissors mechanic let you steal weapons from the bosses and use them against other enemies. Mega Man is proof that a well-made game will always be fun to play. Even though he hasn’t come out with a new game in a long time, he will always be remembered.

Resident Evil

nemesis in resident evil 3

Resident Evil is the only series that does a better job of making fears come true. Capcom’s best horror series has been scaring people since the PlayStation 1. It doesn’t matter if you’re running away from a seven-foot-tall zombie or being taken hostage by a sick family of killers. Even though the original games’ tank movements haven’t aged well, they still manage to scare a lot of people.

Resident Evil’s scary monsters, interesting plots, and iconic characters will make you scream with joy. It combines b-horror camp with dark and gritty scares in a way that works perfectly. Hail the king of scary stories!

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