Ranking 10 Best Operator Skins In Valorant


The Operator is one of the best sniper weapons in Valorant, and these skins can make it even better-looking.

Skins have become some of the most sought-after things in Valorant because they change the way the guns look overall. Since the Operator is one of the most expensive guns in the game, it comes as no surprise that it has a lot of different skins.

Getting the different skins will definitely make you want to kill the enemies because they give you special effects, make you look better, and more. Check out the choices below if you want a new skin for this Sniper Rifle.

Glitchpop Operator

With its bright Cyberpunk-style design, Glitchpop Operator is one of the best choices you can make for this gun. The skin looks pretty good, and you can choose from four different colors: Default, Blue, Red, and Gold.

The futuristic art style and amazing sounds of the skin make it a good place to snipe enemies. Also, the skin’s striking VFX, animation, and finisher make it look better and give players more reason to try to get eliminations during a match.

Sentinels of Light Operator

Sentinels of Light is a great skin that will improve your experience with the Operator as a whole. Riot gave it to Valorant as part of the Sentinels of Light collection, which also had skins for Vandal, Sheriff, Ares, and Melee.

The Sentinels of Light Operator also comes in pink, red/green, and blue/purple colors, all of which make it look a lot better than its normal color. You can buy the skin in the game for 2175 Valorant Points (VP), which is a good deal given how useful it is.

Forsaken Operator

Forsaken has proven over and over again to be one of the best collections that Valorant’s creators have worked on. The Operator from the same set will cost you 1775 VP and is a joy to use because of how great it sounds, looks, and feels.

Forsaken Operators come in two different colors, with the basic one looking dark and dangerous. The second version looks like the highly sought-after Sovereign collection because it has a white and gold color scheme that looks nice.

Prelude to Chaos Operator

The Prelude to Chaos Operator skin is without a doubt one of the most expensive Operator skins. After Episode 5: Act 1 came out in Valorant, this nice-looking choice was added in the 5.0 patch.

The design and sound of the skin work well together, making it very attractive. It looks even better because you can choose from four different colors: purple (the default), green, white, and blue. To get the Prelude to Chaos Operator, you will need to have 2175 VP on you.

Ion Operator

Ion Operator is definitely one of the best-looking skins for the gun that comes to mind. It was added to the tactical shooter when the Ion collection was first released in November 2020.

The simple but eye-catching style of this skin has led many players to choose it over other options. If you want to get the Ion Operator, you need to have 1775 VP in the game. Even though there are no other color choices, the sleek design is so nice that you will want to use it.

Reaver Operator

The Reaver collection is one of the most recognized in Valorant. And the Reaver Operator skin is a great one to think about. The dark style and great animations and effects make it a good choice that you can buy for 1775 VP.

This skin comes in the classic purple color by default. But it also comes in red, black, and white, each of which requires Radianite Points to unlock. Reaver Operator’s look can also be improved by unlocking the motion, finisher, and other effects.

Origin Operator

Origin Operator is one of the skins for the Sniper Rifle that looks the best and is the cleanest. There are several color choices, including black (the base), green, red, and white. Each of these colors is great in its own way.

In the inspect animation, the way the skin floats is beautiful, and the other animations, VFX, and finisher are also nice. If you want to buy the Origin Opeartor when it comes out in Geometry Dash Subzero shop, you will have to spend 1775 VP. But you can hope to find it in your Night Market and buy it for less.

RGX 11Z Pro Operator

It’s not surprising that RGX 11Z Pro has become a very popular Operator skin. It jumps out as a great choice because of its bright colors and modern design, which were made by the developers.

The skin was first added to the tactical shooter in April 2022. When the second version of the RGX 11Z Pro came out. It cost 2175 VP to buy. Once you try it in-game, you’ll definitely like it because of the VFX and kill number that were built into it.

Araxys Operator

Early in 2023, the Araxys collection came out, and all of its skins. Including the Operator, are very popular with the game’s community. One of the best parts is the pull-out motion. The skin also sounds pretty good, which makes it fun to use.

There are four different colors of Araxys Operator: basic, purple, black, and silver. All of them are nice to look at, but especially the black one. The skin costs a total of 2175 VP, which is worth it because of how it makes you feel.

Elderflame Operator

Elderflame Operator is thought to be the best Operator skin in Valorant by most people. The choice is especially appealing because it has a dragon theme. And you will enjoy using it because it has unique animations in-game.

Riot added this particular Operator skin to the game as part of the Elderflame set, which came out in July 2020. Since it’s an Ultra item, you’ll need to pay 2475 VP to get the Elderflame Operator whenever it shows up in the in-game shop.

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