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Indian Youtubers

Indian YouTubers are global players. Indian YouTubers have millions of international subscribers and views.

Indian YouTubers have risen for many reasons. Internet use is rising in India. Indian internet users have risen in recent years, creating a big and increasing audience for online content.

Smartphone affordability has also boosted Indian YouTubers. Smartphones have become increasingly affordable in India in recent years. This has increased online content creation and consumption.

Finally, early pioneers have helped Indian YouTubers rise. CarryMinati and BB Ki Vines, two early Indian top YouTubers, gained international fame. This popularity has encouraged others to launch YouTube channels and grow the Indian YouTuber community.

Thousands of Indian YouTubers produce content on various topics. Popular Indian YouTubers cover entertainment, education, lifestyle, and technology. Indian YouTubers are also rising globally. Indian YouTubers have received Shorty and Webby Awards in recent years.

Indian YouTubers are good for the economy. YouTubers in India provide cash and jobs. They also spread Indian culture and values. Indian YouTubers may become more influential in the global economy and society. In This Article, We Discover the Top Indian Youtubers As of 2023


NameAjey Nagar
subscribers38 million
Channel Views3 billions
Started30 October 2014

Indian YouTuber, streamer, and rapper CarryMinati are Ajey Nagar. On CarryMinati, he roasts, makes funny skits, and reacts to online subjects. CarryisLive is his gaming and Livestream channel.

Nagar was born June 12, 1999, in Faridabad, India. Gaming videos on his 2014 YouTube channel soon gathered a following. Roasting videos became his most popular in 2016.

Nagar’s 2020 YouTube India roast “YouTube vs TikTok – The End” stirred controversy. YouTube banned the video for cyberbullying and harassment breaches. Nagar sued YouTube for violating his free speech. Lawsuit pending.

Nagar is India’s most famous YouTuber despite the controversy. His primary channel has 38 million subscribers and his gaming channel has 10 million. Fans like his diss songs.

India’s most successful YouTuber is controversial Nagar. He connects with fans and raises awareness of social concerns. He inspires Indian and global youth.

Techno Gamerz

NameUjjwal Chaurasia
Subscribers33 million
Channel Views9 billion
Started13 Aug 2017

Indian gaming YouTube channel Techno Gamerz. The channel is run by Ujjwal Chaurasia, commonly known as “Techno Gamerz.” It has 33 million subscribers and 10 billion views. Techno Gamerz, a renowned Indian gaming channel, has been featured in The Times of India, The Hindu, and Forbes India.

Ujjwal Chaurasia founded Techno Gamerz in 2016. PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire were his first mobile game videos. He uploaded Minecraft, GTA V, and Call of Duty: Mobile videos as his channel gained popularity.

Techno Gamerz makes fun videos. His positivity and eagerness to communicate with viewers are also notable. He answers inquiries during YouTube live sessions.

Techno Gamerz is lauded for his good impact on gaming. He popularised gaming in India and inspired other gamers to follow their goals. He also supports gaming education and opposes cyberbullying.

Techno Gamerz won Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards for India’s “Most Popular Gaming YouTuber” in 2020. He was a 2021 Esports Awards “Gaming Creator of the Year” nominee.

Techno Gamerz inspires Indian gamers. He inspires young gamer wannabes. He also promotes inclusive gaming.

Total Gaming

NameAjju Bhai
Subscribers34.9 million
Channel Views5 Billion
Started9 October 2018

Indian gaming YouTube channel Total Gaming. Ajay (Ajju Bhai) owns and runs the channel. Total Gaming has 34.9 million YouTube subscribers.

Ajay founded Total Gaming in 2018. PUBG Mobile videos were his first. He uploaded videos of himself playing Garena Free Fire and Call of Duty: Mobile as his channel increased.

Total Gaming’s amusing and educational films are popular. Ajay, a competent player, gives viewers ways to better their gameplay. In the comments, he engages with viewers, creating a community.

Ajay also streams live. His interactive, real-time live feeds are popular.

YouTube and BOOYAH! have made Ajay famous in India. He is an inspiration to young gamers. He has a flourishing business and a goods line.

Ajay is a gifted gamer and YouTuber. His engaging and instructive work has garnered a wide and dedicated audience. He inspires young gamers and gaming careerists.

Mr. Indian Hacker

NameDilraj Singh Rawat
Subscribers31 million
Channel Views5 billions
Started21 Jun 2012

Science and technology YouTuber Mr. Indian Hacker is Indian. His channel has 31 million subscribers and 5 billion views.

Dilraj Singh Rawat is Mr. Indian Hacker. University of Rajasthan computer science graduate. His first YouTube video was about solar cell construction in 2016.

Mr. Indian Hacker’s instructive and simple videos are popular. He simplifies complex ideas and speaks clearly. He entertains and amuses his viewers.

The Times, The Hindu, and The Indian Express have covered Mr. Indian Hacker’s channel. He spoke at TEDxYouth@Jaipur and other events.

Mr. Indian Hacker inspires science and technology-minded youth. He motivated many to work in these domains. He has a flourishing business and a goods line.

YouTuber Mr. Indian Hacker inspires youth. By producing engaging content, he has gained a significant following. He inspires science and technology-minded youth.

Round 2 hell

NameZayn, Wasim, and Nazim
Age27 ,27, 24
Subscribers30 million
Channel Views3 Billion
Started DateOctober 2016

Round2hell, a prominent Indian YouTuber and comedian, was created by Zayn, Wasim, and Nazim, Round2 Hell. The channel provides short comedic videos, or “vines,” based on everyday life. Round2hell has 30.1 million YouTube followers and 10 billion views.

Round2hell’s 2014 YouTube channel immediately acquired popularity. He is noted for his sympathetic humor and ability to connect with audiences from all backgrounds. Round2hell’s videos generally show students battling with examinations, young couples having relationship issues, and families attempting to get along.

Round2hell also appears in films and TV shows. He is well-known in Indian pop culture for his humor and humility.

Ashish Chanchlani vines

NameAshish Chanchlani
Subscribers29 million
Channel Views4 Billion
Started Date7 July 2009

Ashish Chanchlani’s YouTube channel, Ashish Chanchlani Vines, is famous for Indian top YouTubers and comedians. Vine-style humor videos about ordinary life exist on the channel. Chanchlani has 29.6 million YouTube subscribers and 3 billion views.

Chanchlani established his YouTube account in 2014, and his videos immediately became popular. He’s noted for his accessible humor and ability to relate to all audiences. Chanchlani’s videos generally include relatable people and circumstances, such as students battling with examinations, young couples struggling with relationships, and families attempting to get along.

In addition to his YouTube channel, Chanchlani has acted in various films and TV shows. Indian pop culture recognizes his humor and humility.

BB ki Vines

NameBhuvan Bam
Subscribers26 million
Channel Views4 Billion
Started Date20 Jun 2015

BB Ki Vines is Indian comedian Bhuvan Bam’s YouTube channel. The channel documents BB and his family’s daily lives. Bam plays himself, his family, and his friends in his videos. Bam uses a phone’s front camera to film the videos. He moved his videos from Facebook to YouTube.

Over 26 million people subscribe to BB Ki Vines, which has 5 billion views. The Indian Telly Awards and Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards India have nominated the channel. The Economic Times and The Times of India have covered Bam.

Indian YouTube channel BB Ki Vines is popular. It has made Bam famous and allowed him to share his humor with the world.

Amit Bhadana

NameAmit Bhadana
Subscribers24 million
Channel Views2 Billion
Started Date24 Oct 2012

YouTuber and comedian Amit Bhadana is prominent in India. He has 24.4 million Subscribers on youtube and over 2 billion views India’s most subscribed individual creator is him. His rustic Indian roots shape his unique comic style.

Bhadana launched his YouTube account in 2017. His amusing videos on ordinary life scenarios soon developed a following. His material generally features regional language discussion and rural Indian life, distinguishing him from other Indian YouTubers.

Amit Bhadana’s videos are rooted in Indian culture and social standards, which appeal to a vast audience. He is noted for playing many personalities in his videos, typically in different clothes.

He has been in various scandals and earned many awards for his work.

Technical Guruji

NameGaurav Chaudhary
Subscribers23 Million
Channel Views3 Billion
Started Date19 October 2015

Technical Guruji is Indian YouTuber Gaurav Chaudhary. He has 23 million YouTube subscribers and 3 billion views. His channel covers technology news, reviews, and tutorials. “Gaurav Chaudhary,” his second channel, has 23 million subscribers.

1991 Ajmer, India, birthplace of Chaudhary. Engineered at Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani, Dubai Campus. He became a software developer in Dubai after graduating. Technical Guruji was his 2015 YouTube channel. Chaudhary abandoned his job to pursue YouTube as the channel became successful.

Technical Guruji is praised for its useful and entertaining material. Forbes India and The Economic Times profiled Chaudhary. He talked in Davos and elsewhere.

Chaudhary made Forbes India’s 30 Under 30 in 2020. One of India’s most prominent YouTubers, his channel influences the Indian technological business.

The village cooking channel- VCC

Subscribers21 million
Channel Views5 billion
Started Date5 Billion

Six Tamil Nadu farmers from Pudukkottai founded Village Cooking Channel (VCC) on YouTube in 2017. Traditional rural food served in fields is the channel’s specialty.

Six farmers—M. Periyathambi, V. Subramanian, V. Ayyanar, V. Murugesan, T. Muthumanickam, and G. Tamilselvan—founded VCC. All from Chinnaveeramangalam, love cooking.

VCC videos are brief and direct. Farmers prepare pongal, idli, and dosa. The farmers’ families and friends appear in the rustic, realistic videos.

VCC has been successful since its debut. It has 21 million followers and 5 billion views. The New York Times, The Guardian, and BBC News have also covered VCC.

VCC has promoted Tamil cuisine. The station also promotes agriculture and rural life. VCC inspires people worldwide and changes India.

Sourav Joshi Vlogs

NameSourav Joshi
Subscribers21 Million
Channel Views8 Billion
Started Date19 Febuary 2019

Famous for his daily vlogs and art, Sourav Joshi is an Indian YouTuber. In 2018, Sourav launched “Sourav Joshi Vlogs” on YouTube from Punjab, India. Due to his real and entertaining tale, he has millions of subscribers. He has 21 million subscribers on youtube and over 8 billion views

His vlogs usually cover his daily life, including family, friends, and routines. He usually incorporates his brother, Piyush Joshi, and his parents, adding a pleasant family element to his programming. He’s relatable because of his openness.

“Sourav Joshi Arts” is Sourav’s art channel on YouTube. On this channel, he inspires young artists with time-lapse videos of his art projects, drawing instructions, and his artistic experience.

Despite his success, Sourav has stayed grounded, emphasizing hard work and perseverance. His new and innovative content avoids sensationalism and controversy, making him a good effect on his enormous audience.

Dr. Vivek Bindra

NameVivek Bindra
Subscribers20.8 Million
Channel Views1.6 Billion
Started Date6 Dec 2013

Dr. Vivek Bindra is an Indian business counselor, author, and motivational speaker. Bada Business Pvt. Ltd., which trains and consults businesses, is his company. Dr. Bindra’s business and personal development publications and motivational talks are well-known. He’s also been on TV and podcasts.

Over 20.8 million people follow Dr. Bindra on YouTube. His Videos Cross 1.6 billion views He has almost 850 films about business, personal growth, and motivation. He has helped many individuals reach their goals with his films, which are renowned worldwide.

Dr. Bindra’s YouTube channel is wonderful for life improvement. His films educate, motivate, and inspire. His sensible guidance can help you reach your goals. Dr. Vivek Bindra’s YouTube channel can help you enhance your life.

Khan GS research center

NameFaisal Khan
Subscribers20.8 million
Channel Views2 billion
Started Date25 April 2019

Patna’s Khan GS Research Centre coaches. Khan Sir started it in 2013. His Youtube Subscriber is 20.8 million and views on youtube over 2 billion The institute prepares students for the UPSC Civil Services Examination, Bihar Public Service Commission Examination, and Indian Administrative Service Examination.

Khan GS Research Centre offers inexpensive, high-quality education. Experienced and skilled teachers at the institute are dedicated to helping students succeed. Khan Sir is a beloved teacher who simplifies difficult ideas.

Khan GS Research Centre has a successful history. The institute helped hundreds of pupils pass difficult tests and get government employment. The institute’s supportive atmosphere keeps students motivated and focused.

Khan GS Research Centre is a famous coaching institute for government job seekers. The institute provides excellent instruction, low tuition, and a supportive atmosphere.

Emiway bantai

NameEmiway bantai
Subscribers20 million
Channel Views3 Billion
Started Date4 May 2013

Indian rapper, songwriter, and record producer Emiway Bantai. He has over 20.1 million YouTube subscribers and 3 Billion music video views. Emiway Bantai’s Hindi-English-Marathi rap is distinctive. His social and political lyrics are equally controversial.

1995-born Emiway Bantai is from Mumbai, India. His first single, “Apna Time Aayega,” was published in 2014. The song launched Emiway Bantai’s career.

Emiway Bantai released various albums and mixtapes since 2014. His best-selling albums are “KOTS (King of the Streets),” “Machayenge,” and “Chhod Dala.” Divine, Kr$Na, and Naezy are other Indian rappers Emiway Bantai has worked with.

Indian rapper Emiway Bantai is controversial but popular. He is noted for his controversial lyrics, distinctive rapping style, and enormous social media following. Indian music industry powerhouse Emiway Bantai.

A_S gaming

NameSahil Rana
Subscribers19.5 million
Channel Views2.8 billion
Started Date26 October 2016

Indian gamer and YouTuber Sahil Rana runs A_S Gaming. He makes Garena Free Fire gaming videos. A_S Gaming has 19.5 million YouTube subscribers and 2.8 billion views.

1997-born Sahil Rana is from Jaipur, India. He started playing Garena Free Fire in 2017 and uploaded YouTube gameplay videos in 2018. He rapidly became India’s most popular Garena Free Fire YouTuber.

A_S Gaming makes fun and educational gameplay videos. He posts videos of him playing with buddies and gives gameplay suggestions. A_S Gaming plays Garena Free Fire with his YouTube audience in live streams.

YouTuber A_S Gaming is successful. He has 19 million YouTube subscribers and 2 billion views. His YouTube live streams and gameplay videos are entertaining and educational.

Triggered insaan

NameNischay Malhan
Subscribers18 million
Channel Views3 Billion
Started Date17 July 2014

Indian YouTuber, gamer, and social media star Triggered Insaan. He makes commentary, reactions, and roast videos about Bollywood, Indian media, and social media personalities. Over 18 million YouTube subscribers and 3 billion video views.

Nischay Malhan, known online as Triggered Insaan, was born in Delhi, India, on November 14, 1995. Engineering at Delhi Technological University, he graduated in 2017. He worked as a software engineer for a few months after graduating, then switched to YouTube.

Triggered Insaan began YouTube in 2016. His first video analyzed a Bollywood film. His witty and intelligent commentary videos became popular. Reaction and roast videos also expanded his fame.

Triggered Insaan is a top Indian YouTuber. Over 10 million YouTube subscribers and 1 billion video views. He makes reaction, roast, and commentary videos. 10 million Instagram and 5 million Twitter followers.

Triggered Insaan is known for his humor and audience connection. His vulgar language and controversial themes have also been criticized. He’s still India’s most popular YouTuber.


NameRajesh Kumar
Subscribers17.5 Million
Channel Views24 July 2016
Started Date2 Billion

Rajesh Kumar founded FactTechz on YouTube in 2016. The channel features science, history, and technology knowledge. FactTechz has 17. million users and 2 billion views.

Rajesh Kumar graduated from IIT Roorkee. He studied mechanical engineering but has always loved science and technology. He founded FactTechz to share his love of learning.

FactTechz videos are concise. They’re informative and entertaining, typically with Rajesh Kumar’s voice-over. The channel covers the history of the universe, the human body, and the latest technology.

FactTechz is lauded for its informative and entertaining material. The YouTube Gold Play Button and Shorty Award for Best Educational Channel are among the channel’s awards. All ages trust FactTechz for information.

Aayu and Pihu show

NameAayush Kalra, Prakrita Kalra
Age11, 14
Subscribers17 million
Channel Views9 billion
Started Date9 May 2017

Aayu and Pihu Show is a YouTube channel with short comedy films, challenges, and games. Ayush and Piyush, two brothers from India, founded the channel. To make people laugh, they established the channel in 2017.

Aayu and Pihu Show is one of India’s most popular YouTube channels. The channel has over 9 billion views and 17 million subscribers. Ayush and Piyush’s content is humorous and relatable. Their videos always make viewers smile since they involve family and friends.

Aayu and Pihu Show shows how YouTube can be utilized to make fun and positive content. The channel has brought joy to millions of people worldwide and is a monument to innovation and dedication.

Harsh Beniwal

NameHarsh Vardhan Beniwal
Subscribers15 million
Channel Views1.7 billion
Started Date6 May 2015

Indian YouTuber, actor, and comedian Harsh Beniwal. New Delhi, India, was his birthplace. Priya Beniwal is his younger sister.

May 6, 2015, was Beniwal’s YouTube debut. He first made vines, then comedic routines. His channel has 15 million subscribers and 1.7 billion views.

Student of the Year 2 was Beniwal’s 2019 cinematic debut. He appeared in The Kapil Sharma Show and The Great Indian Comedy Show.

Beniwal’s humor is relatable. He frequently records his Indian youth. He collaborates with YouTubers Bhuvan Bam and Ajey Nagar.

Beniwal is a renowned Indian YouTuber. Talent, work ethic, and positivity have been lauded. He inspires many young people and will continue to succeed.

The Mridul

NameMridul Tiwari
Subscribers15 million
Channel Views4 Billion
Started Date14 March 2015

Mridul is a YouTube channel with humorous sketches, short films, and challenges. The channel was founded in 2018 by Mridul Tiwari and Pragati Singh. Over 15 million subscribers and 4 Billion views are on the channel.

Pragati Singh and Mridul Tiwari are pals who like to make people laugh. Their humor and relatability are well-known. Their videos always make viewers smile since they involve family and friends.

Mridul shows how YouTube can be utilized to make fun and positive content. The channel has brought joy to millions of people worldwide and is a monument to innovation and dedication.

Nisha Madhulika

NameNisha Madhulika
Subscribers13.6 million
Channel Views30 billion
Started Date2 August 2009

Nisha Madhulika is an Indian chef, YouTuber, and restaurant consultant. Uttar Pradesh, India, was her birthplace. She started her YouTube channel in 2009 because she loves cooking. Her channel, NishaMadhulika, has 13.6 million subscribers and 2.9 billion views. She has written many publications, including “Nisha Madhulika’s Indian Vegetarian Cooking” and “Indian Sweets and Desserts.”

Simple recipes are Nisha Madhulika’s specialty. Fresh ingredients make her food tasty. She also discusses ways to make home cooking easier and more fun. She has inspired a new generation of home cooks with her movies, which are popular with all ages and ability levels.

In addition to her YouTube channel and cookbooks, Nisha Madhulika writes a cuisine column for the Indian Express. She has opened several Indian eateries as a restaurant consultant. She is devoted to spreading her love of Indian food.


NameMithilesh Patankar
Subscribers13.4 million
Channel Views3 billion
Started Date30 July 2018

Indian YouTuber Mythpat makes gaming and comedy videos. He has over 13.4 million YouTube subscribers and is one of India’s most prominent gaming YouTubers. Over 3 billion views

Mythpat is Mithilesh Patankar. Birthplace: Mumbai, India, January 16, 1998. He started a funny YouTube channel in 2016.

Gaming videos are among Mythpat’s most popular. He plays Minecraft, PUBG, and Call of Duty. His friends and family appear in his comedic videos.

Indian YouTuber Mythpat has won various honors. At the 2019 Streamy Awards, he was nominated for Best Gaming YouTuber. At the 2020 Awards, he won Best Indian YouTuber.

Mythpat is a successful YouTuber who entertains and inspires. Young people look up to him as a role model.

kabita’s kitchen

NameKabita Singh
Subscribers13.2 million
Channel Views2.7 billion
Started Date7 October 2014

Kabita’s Kitchen is a YouTube channel with Indian dishes. The channel was founded in 2012 by Kabita Singh. 13.2 million subscribers and 2.7 billion views are on the channel.

Kabita Singh shares her recipes as a home cook. Her dishes are simple and straightforward. She also provides ways to make cooking at home easier and more fun. Her movies are popular with all ages and ability levels and have inspired a new generation of home cooks.

For cooks, Kabita’s Kitchen is fantastic. Her dishes are straightforward and delicious. She’s a cooking idol.

Trakin tech

NameArun Prabhudesai
Subscribers13.2 million
Channel Views2 billion
Started Date2 November 2011

Trakin Tech’s YouTube channel provides daily Smartphone & Gadget Reviews, Unboxing videos, Tech News, and Breaking Tech Stories. In 2011, Arun Prabhudesai established it. Over 13.2 million subscribers and 2 billion views are on the channel.

Trakin Tech is one of India’s most popular tech channels. The channel’s material is educational and fun. Trakin Tech founder Arun Prabhudesai is a tech enthusiast with a deep understanding of the tech business. He can convey complicated technological concepts in simple terms.

Trakin Tech is a terrific resource for tech enthusiasts. The channel covers many tech topics with news, reviews, and lessons. New gadgets and products can also be found on the channel.

Technology Gyan

NameManoj Saru
Subscribers13.1 million
Channel Views1 Billion
Started Date17 November 2015

Technology Gyan has instructive technology films on YouTube. Manoj Saru founded the channel in 2017. 13.1 million subscribers and 1 Billion views. Manoj Saru is a tech enthusiast and expert. He simplifies technical topics.

Technology Gyan is wonderful for techies. The channel covers tech news, reviews, and tutorials. Discover new gadgets and products on the channel. In addition to the videos above, Technology Gyan includes a blog where Manoj discusses tech news and trends. The blog is a terrific way to keep up with technology and learn more about Manoj’s IT sector views.

Technology Gyan is great for learning about IT. The channel is a terrific way to learn about tech and keep up with the latest news and trends.

Pari’s lifestyle

NamePriti Mhatre
Subscribers12.4 Million
Channel Views7.6 billion views
Started Date26 November 2018

Mumbai resident Pari is 10 years old. She enjoys learning new things and is curious and adventurous. She loves to express herself via art and music. She has over 12.4 Million Subscribers on youtube and over 7.6 billion views

Pari’s lifestyle differs from most children her age. She doesn’t have many friends and spends most of her time alone. She has few toys and watches little TV. Reading, writing, painting, and performing music are her hobbies.

Pari’s parents support her passions. They help her express herself and learn. They also give her time to play and be creative.

Pari is comfortable and joyful. She likes her life and appreciates her opportunities. She looks forward to her future.

Chotu ki masti

NameShafeeq Natya
Subscribers12.4 million
Channel Views4 billion
Started Date20 Febuary 2018

Khan Junaid developed Chotu ki masti on YouTube. 12.4 million subscribers and 4 billion views. Daily life observational comedy dominates the channel. Chotu is a troublemaker. He enjoys playing pranks. He makes amusing, relatable videos.

Chotu is an Indian peasant boy. He always gets into trouble yet has fun. He’s continually coming up with new pranks. His hilarious, relevant videos have made him famous in India.

Chotu teases his teacher by acting unwell in one of his most popular videos. He sneezes and coughs with a false mustache and glasses. She sends him home. Chotu then plays with buddies all day.

Chotu plays a ghost of his father in another video. Hides in the closet with a sheet. Chotu scares his father. His father flees. Chotu laughs more.

Chotu’s hilarious, relevant videos have made him famous in India. He’s a prankster who always has fun. His videos are funny.


NameBharat Wadhwa
Subscribers12.3 million
Channel Views2 Billion views
Started Date10 August 2016

Indian recipes are on Bharatzkitchen’s YouTube channel. The channel was founded in 2017 by Bharat Wadhwa. Over 12.3 million subscribers and 2 Billion views are on the channel.

Home cook Bharat Wadhwa shares his recipes with the globe. He’s recognized for his essential recipes. He offers home cooking suggestions as well. His movies are popular with all ages and ability levels and have inspired a new generation of home cooks.

For cooks, Bharatzkitchen is wonderful. His simple, delicious recipes are easy to follow. He’s a cooking hero.

Rachit Rojha

NameRachit Rojha
Subscribers11.7 million
Channel Views3.5 Billion
Started Date18 October 2016

Indian YouTuber Rachit Rojha has 11.7 million subscribers. His most popular video, “CHOTI – BEHAN SE BADLA || Rachit Rojha,” has 7.3 million views.

Rojha was born on January 1, 1997, in Indore, India. His first YouTube video was a prank named “Prank On Girlfriend.” Rojha swiftly became one of India’s most popular YouTubers.

Rojha’s videos are funny and engaging. He uses his own life experiences to inspire his videos. In his videos, Rojha plays numerous roles.

Rojha inspires Indian youth. He has motivated many to pursue their aspirations by proving YouTube’s success is attainable. Rojha is a positive force in Indian entertainment and will be a famous YouTuber for years to come.

Dhruv Rathee

NameDhruv Rathee
Subscribers11 million
Channel Views1.5 billion
Started Date8 Jan 2013

Indian YouTuber, vlogger, and social media activist Dhruv Rathee. His YouTube channel covers social, political, and environmental topics. In April 2023, he had 11 million subscribers across all channels and 1.5 billion video views.

Rathee was born on October 8, 1994, in Haryana, India. After mechanical engineering in Roorkee, he studied renewable energy engineering at Karlsruhe. In 2013, he established his YouTube account in India after graduation.

Rathee’s videos teach. He uses data and statistics to simplify complex topics. His accurate, objective videos have raised awareness of key social and political concerns in India.

Rathee is a vociferous Modi critic. He accused the government of corruption, authoritarianism, and Hindu nationalism. His videos criticized the government’s demonetization, Goods, Services Tax, and Citizenship Amendment Act policies.

Rathee’s videos have been criticized for disseminating propaganda. He has been lauded for his bravery and willingness to criticize the government. One of India’s most prominent YouTubers, he promotes progressive principles and raises awareness of crucial topics.

Sonu Sharma

NameSonu Anand Sharma
Subscribers10.8 million
Channel Views800 million
Started Date7 Oct 2006

Indian motivational speaker and entrepreneur Sonu Sharma is recognized for his motivating and instructional YouTube videos. Sharma writes for self-improvement enthusiasts, notably sales and businesspeople. His Youtube has 10.8 million subscribers and over 800 million views

Sonu Sharma speaks eloquently about personal growth, business strategy, network marketing, leadership, and positive thinking. His lively speeches and informative information inspire his audience to succeed personally and professionally.

Entrepreneurs, salespeople, and anybody else looking to learn can benefit from Sonu Sharma’s YouTube channel. His thorough explanations, practical recommendations, and real-life examples simplify complex subjects. His passion and positivity inspire viewers to set high objectives and accomplish them.

Sonu Sharma founded Dynamic India Group, a leadership training, and personal development organization, in addition to speaking. His mentoring is strengthened by his entrepreneurial expertise.

Tech Burner

NameShlok Srivastava
Subscribers10.5 million
Channel Views1.6 billion views
Started Date26 September2014

Tech Burner, an Indian YouTube channel, covers tech news, reviews, and lessons. Shlok Srivastava established the channel in 2014 and has over 10.5 million subscribers and 1.6 billion views

Tech Burner’s videos educate, entertain, and engage. The channel’s hosts are technological professionals who explain complicated topics clearly. Tech Burner’s videos are humorous and suitable for all ages.

Tech Burner has a website, social media, and YouTube channel. The website has tech news stories, blogs, and infographics. Sharing videos, articles, and other online content on social media.

Tech Burner is a trusted technology news site. Technology enthusiasts of all ages will enjoy the channel’s instructive, entertaining, and engaging films.

Shruti Arjun Anand

NameShruti Arjun Anand
Subscribers10 million
Channel Views2 Billion
Started Date22 January 2010

Indian YouTuber Shruti Arjun Anand has over 10 million subscribers. Her most successful video, “24 Hours Princess Challenge Ft. Anaya Sahu,” has over 31 million views. “Shruti Shorts” is Anand’s second channel with 953,000 subscribers.

Anand was born on December 25, 1987, in Indore, India. Her debut YouTube video was a daily vlog from 2015. Anand’s videos become India’s most popular YouTubers.

Anand’s videos are funny and engaging. She’s honest in her videos and discusses her personal experiences. In her videos, Anand plays different roles.

Anand inspires many Indian girls. She has proved that YouTube’s success is attainable and motivated many to follow their goals. Anand is a positive force in Indian entertainment, and she will be a popular YouTuber for years.

Elvish Yadav

NameElvish Yadav
Subscribers9.8 million
Channel Views1 billion
Started Date29 April 2016

Comedy YouTuber Elvish Yadav is Indian. 1 billion views and 9.8 million YouTube subscribers. “The School Life,” his most-viewed video, with over 11 million views.

Current events, social issues, and pop culture dominate Yadav’s videos. His realistic and funny videos make his points with humor.

Yadav’s YouTube channel has improved Indian society. His videos have been recognized for breaking preconceptions and promoting understanding between cultures. He has been lauded for using humor to promote awareness of crucial causes.

The Indian Television Academy Awards named Yadav “Best YouTuber of the Year” in 2022. He was a Global Indian Film and Television Awards “Best Social Media Influencer” nominee.

Indian entertainer Yadav is emerging. His videos have been seen by millions worldwide on his popular Indian YouTube channel. He inspires youth and uses his platform to change the world.

Grandpa Kitchen

NameNarayana Reddy
Subscribers9.5 million
Channel Views1.3 billion
Started Date26 August 2017

India-based J.J. runs Grandpa Kitchen on YouTube. J.J. cooks enormous dinners for the needy using donated ingredients on the channel. The New York Times and The Washington Post have covered Grandpa Kitchen’s 9.5 million subscribers and 1.3 billion views

After retiring from security, J.J. founded Grandpa Kitchen in 2017. He started a YouTube channel to cook for the needy after retiring to do something important. J.J. cooks for shelters, orphanages, and other charities. He feeds disaster victims.

Grandpa Kitchen is renowned for its pleasant videos and uplifting message. J.J.’s videos are recognized for improving the world.

Hungry birds

Subscribers9.26 million
Channel Views4.7 Billion
Started Date8 November 2016

Hungry Birds is a YouTube channel by Pari and Aditi, best friends. They make films on their favorite foods, cooking challenges, and reviews. They sample international cuisine in their videos.

Since its 2017 launch, the channel has had over 9.26 million subscribers. Channel Views are over 4 billion

Foodies and those who like amusing videos watch Hungry Birds. Their videos are well-produced and they always look to be having fun. Hungry Bird is a great channel to watch if you want to laugh and eat.

Satyajeet jena Official

NameSatyajeet jena
Subscribers9.14 Million
Channel Views1.5 Billion
Started Date10 Aug 2014

Satyajeet Jena, an Indian singer-songwriter, launched Satyajeet Jena Official on YouTube. Over 9 million users watch music videos, covers, and original songs on the channel. Jena’s folk, pop, and rock songs explore love, grief, and hope.

Jena was born in August 30, 2004 in Odisha, India. His early teens were spent singing and writing songs. Jena went to Mumbai in 2011 to pursue music. In 2013, he published “Chahunga Main Tujhe Hardam,” his first album. Jena’s career began with the album’s success.

Jena has released additional albums and toured India extensively. Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal, and Neha Kakkar are among his other Indian collaborators. India’s most popular singer, Jena, has millions of YouTube views.

Flying beast

NameGaurav Taneja
Subscribers8 million
Channel Views3 billion
Started Date1 December 2017

Flying Beast is Gaurav Taneja’s 2015 YouTube channel. Taneja’s pilot, husband, and father vlogs are popular on the channel. Fitness, travel, and entrepreneurship are among Taneja’s topics on the channel.

Over 3 billion views and 8 million subscribers are on the channel. The Times of India and The Economic Times have featured Flying Beast, one of India’s most popular YouTube channels.

Taneja’s Twitter and Instagram accounts have over 1 million and 2 million followers, respectively. He’s also a frequent conference speaker and TV commercial actor.

Taneja’s Flying Beast YouTube channel has garnered a significant and active audience. This channel shows how YouTube can be used to share personal stories, connect with people, and develop a successful business.

Zakir khan

NameZakir khan
Subscribers7.5 million
Channel Views700 million
Started Date5 June 2011

Writer, actor, and comedian Zakir Khan is from India. His observational humor often centers on his experiences as a Muslim guy in India.

Khan’s YouTube channel has over 700 million views and 7.5 million subscribers. “Haq Se Single,” his most successful video, with over 20 million views.

Khan has appeared in “Inside Edge,” “Made in Heaven,” and “Baar Baar Dekho.” He is working on his own web series, “Chacha Vidhayak Hai Humare.”

Khan is a respected Indian comedian. His sharp and intelligent humor and ability to connect with audiences of various backgrounds have earned him recognition.

Sanjeev Kapoor khazana

NameSanjeev Kapoor khazana
Subscribers7.22 million
Channel Views1 billion
Started Date29 July 2009

Sanjeev Kapoor Sanjeev Kapoor developed Khazana on YouTube. Kapoor cooks Indian food and interviews chefs and food experts on the program.

The channel has 7.22 million subscribers and 1 billion views. One of India’s most popular YouTube culinary channels.

Kapoor is an esteemed Indian chef. He hosts various cooking shows and writes cookbooks. Indian Institute of Culinary Arts founder.

For Indian food fans, the channel is useful. Kapoor’s recipes are simple and delicious. Chef and food expert interviews are also informative.

Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana is a great YouTube channel for Indian cooking.


NamePrajakta Koli
Subscribers7 million
Channel Views1.3 billion
Started Date10 Febuary 2015

Indian YouTuber, actor, and social media influencer Prajakta Koli established MostlySane. It has 7 million subscribers and 1.3 billion views. Koli’s videos are observational comedies about ordinary living. She stars in the Netflix love drama Mismatched.

Koli started her channel in February 2015. She performed at YouTube FanFests in Delhi (2018) and Mumbai (2019). For her first Indian YouTuber interview, former YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki chose Prajakta Koli’s “Real Talk Tuesday” series in April 2019. Susan introduced YouTube Music and discussed YouTube’s creator’s intentions during the session. She debuted her YouTube Originals show Pretty Fit on January 21, 2020.

Koli is funny, relatable, and positive. “One of the most influential women on YouTube” and “a role model for young women.” Koli is a role model and a changemaker.

Rimorav Vlogs

NameRishi Dev
Subscribers6.66 million
Channel Views2 billion million
Started Date6 December 2017

Indian YouTuber, vlogger, and social media influencer Rimorav run Rimorav Vlogs. 6.66 million subscribers and 2 billion million views. Rimorav’s videos are observational comedies about daily living. He challenges and pranks.

Rimorav established his channel in December 2017. He performed at YouTube FanFest 2018 in Delhi and 2019 in Mumbai. Several magazines and newspapers have featured him.

Rimorav is known for his humor, relatability, and positivity. He is “one of the most promising young YouTubers in India” and “a role model for young people.” Rimorav is a role model and a changemaker.

Him-eesh Madaan

NameHimeesh Madaan
Subscribers6.61 million
Channel Views400 million views
Started Date7 June 2007

Him-eesh Madaan is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and performance coach. IMSuccess, a goal-setting company, was founded by him. Madaan’s works include “The Power of Positive Thinking” and “The Secret to Success.” He has 6.61 million subscribers and 400 million views

1970 birthplace of Madaan. He worked as a software engineer after studying engineering at IIT Delhi. To assist others succeed, he launched IMSuccess in 2000. Since then, Madaan has spoken to millions and helped many realize their aspirations.

Madaan’s speeches are motivating. He’s able to inspire people. He’s a talented coach who’s helped many others succeed. Madaan is a world-changer and inspiration.

Beer Biceps

NameRanveer Allahbadia
Subscribers5.3 million
Channel Views500 million
Started Date21 December 2014

Ranveer Allahbadia created BeerBiceps on YouTube. It encompasses lifestyle, fitness, health, nutrition, entrepreneurship, and personal growth. The Times of India, The Economic Times, and Forbes India have covered the channel, which has 5.3 million subscribers. and 500 million views

Entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and fitness fanatic Ranveer Allahbadia. He founded BeerBiceps in 2015 to motivate others to live well. It’s now India’s most popular fitness channel.

BeerBiceps provides fun and instructive stuff. The channel has workout videos, motivational lectures, and successful individual interviews. BeerBiceps’ books include “The Fitness Mantra” and “The Ranveer Show.”

Ranveer Allahbadia inspires many Indian youths. He proves that hard work pays off. BeerBiceps has encouraged millions to live healthier and happier.

Tanmay Bhatt

NameTanmay Bhat
Subscribers4.46 million
Channel Views1.3 billion
Started Date11 November 2006

Tanmay Bhat is a famous Indian comedian, playwright, performer, and YouTuber. He Has 4.46 million subscribers and 1.3 billion views. He co-founded the Indian comedic sketch troupe All India Bakchod (AIB). Tanmay started a successful YouTube channel after AIB was dissolved.

His channel has vlogs, reaction videos, and game broadcasts. His comic programming includes celebrity interviews, intellectual debates, and comedic comments.

Tanmay’s Minecraft and Among Us streams are popular on YouTube. Due to gaming’s success, several comedians and entertainers have expanded their programming to include it.

Tanmay also posts video blogs (vlogs) about his life, including behind-the-scenes footage and personal stories.

Tanmay Bhat has been a major role in Indian comedy and digital content creation despite problems. He influences Indian YouTube with his huge appeal.

B funk

NameShivani Bhagwan and Chaya Kumar
Age31, 31
Subscribers1.97 Million
Channel Views400 Million
Started Date10 September 2011

B-Funk dancing instruction is available on YouTube. The channel was founded by B-Funk professors Shivani Bhagwan and Chaya Kumar. They offer tutorials for beginners, intermediates, and experts.

The channel has over 4000 million views and 2 million subscribers. The channel’s most popular videos are “B-Funk Basics,” “B-Funk Intermediate,” and “B-Funk Advanced.”

B-Funk dancers can use the channel to learn. The sisters are kind and patient, and the tutorials are straightforward. The B-Funk YouTube channel is a terrific place to start if you want to be active, have fun, and express yourself.

Mountain Trekker

NameVarun Vagish
Channel Views200 Million
Started Date21 August 2007

The travel vlog Mountain Trekker is on YouTube. His Channel Has 1.6 million subscribers and over 200 million views. Varun Vagish, a full-time traveler who abandoned his work to pursue his passions, runs it. Varun loves meeting new people and traveling alone. He has traveled widely in Europe, North America, and India.

Varun’s videos are informative and fun. He gives travel planning, packing, and safety advice. His videos are relatable because he shares genuine experiences.

Varun is a traveler who loves to talk about his adventures. For world travelers, his YouTube channel is a terrific resource.

Sejal Kumar

NameSejal Kumar
Subscribers1.41 Million
Channel Views300 million
Started Date14 August 2012

Indian YouTuber Sejal Kumar. She launched her YouTube account in February 2014 and has over 1.4 million members and 300 million views as of May 2023. Creators for Change released her debut original song, Aisi Hun.

Sejal Kumar was born on January 1, 1995, in Mumbai, India. She attended Mumbai’s Mother’s International School. She studied fashion design in Mumbai after high school.

YouTuber Sejal Kumar began in February 2014. She established her channel to showcase her fashion and beauty passion. Her hilarious, relevant videos immediately garnered a following. Ashish Chanchlani and Kusha Kapila are among her YouTube collaborators.

Sejal Kumar is a model and YouTuber. She modelled for Lakme, Pantaloons, and Vero Moda. Several TV ads have featured her.

Indian entertainer Sejal Kumar is rising. YouTuber, model, and actress. She will succeed in the future.

Komal Pandey

NameKomal Pandey
Subscribers1.3 Million
Channel Views200 Million
Started Date26 August 2017

Indian fashion blogger and YouTuber Komal Pandey. She has over 1.3 million YouTube subscribers and 200 million views. Komal’s videos encompass fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle. Her style and relatable content are famous.

Komal Pandey began YouTube in 2012. Her debut fashion haul video garnered a following for her honest and informed evaluations. Komal’s videos are always well-produced. Her videos are enjoyable and she’s very down-to-earth.

Komal Pandey inspires young women. She proves that hard effort and determination can attain your goals. Komal also inspires young women interested in fashion and beauty. She shows that you may be trendy and confident without being phony.

Challenges and Controversies

Issues of Monetization and Copyright

Indian top YouTubers struggle with monetization. Many Indian YouTubers have been demonetized for breaking YouTube’s complex monetization policies. Indian YouTubers may also be removed for utilizing copyrighted content without authorization. This can hurt YouTubers’ revenue.

Managing Trolls and Cyberbullying

Indian YouTubers too experience trolls and cyberbullying. Trolls publish inflammatory or abusive comments online, and cyberbullying is using electronic communication to intimidate or threaten someone. Trolls and cyberbullying affect Indian YouTubers’ mental health.

Impact of Cancel Culture and The Influence

Cancel culture, where people are shunned for their opinions, is new. Indian top YouTubers have been canceled for rude statements, controversial opinions, and inappropriate behavior. YouTubers can lose subscribers, cash, and reputation due to cancel culture.

Indian YouTubers also confront infrastructure and support issues, production costs, and worldwide competition. Indian YouTubers have grown in popularity despite these obstacles.

Future of Indian YouTubers

Indian YouTubers will prosper. The Indian YouTube community is developing fast and demanding high-quality videos. Indian YouTubers are getting more professional and producing content comparable to international YouTubers.

Indian YouTubers are growing for many reasons. Internet use is rising in India. Online material is reaching a big audience in India as internet users expand rapidly.

Smartphone affordability is also fueling Indian YouTube growth. Smartphones have become increasingly affordable in India in recent years. This has increased online content creation and consumption.

Finally, early pioneers are helping the Indian YouTube community expand. CarryMinati and BB Ki Vines, two early Indian YouTubers, gained international fame. This popularity has encouraged others to launch YouTube channels and grow the Indian YouTuber community.

Thousands of Indian YouTubers produce content on various topics. Popular Indian YouTubers cover entertainment, education, lifestyle, and technology. Indian YouTubers are also rising globally. Indian YouTubers have received Shorty and Webby Awards in recent years.

India’s economy benefits from YouTube’s growth. YouTubers in India provide cash and jobs. They also spread Indian culture and values. Indian top YouTubers may become more influential in the global economy and society.


Indian YouTubers have progressed. They embraced and shaped the digital revolution, becoming significant figures. By providing multicultural material, they’ve connected with their audience. They demonstrate the power of internet platforms to share millions of stories.
Indian top YouTubers are expected to set new trends, adapt to new technology, and overcome new hurdles as they carve out their position in the global digital world. Their success shows that YouTube can ignite artistic, economic, and societal success.

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