How to customize hand-me-down inherited wedding rings?

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Diamonds and gemstones are pieces of jewellery that last for generations. They are often handed down through the generations as inherited gifts. Old-age jewels are heavy and pretty but the designs are outdated compared to today’s styles. Most of the time, people opt for redesigning the jewel to make it trendier. Especially if you have a hand-me-down wedding ring, you may have to resize it to fit perfectly. But how can this be done without diminishing the beauty of the original design? Read on and find out all about it.

Factors to consider while customizing inherited jewellery

Inherited jewels are not just about fashion but also respecting the sentiment and history of the jewel. Imagine inheriting women’s diamond wedding rings worn by your mother and generations of women in the family before her. It would not just be a piece of jewel for your fiancé but also a legacy that she will be carrying on in the future. The last thing you would want is to transform the piece so much that it loses its originality beyond recognition. Here are a few things to consider while opting to customize such inherited pieces:

  • Consider how you plan to wear it or envision your partner wearing it. is there any way to retain the original style and wear it the way you want? The jeweller can help you out here with suggestions regarding the best use of the jewellery piece.
  • Take into consideration the metal weight of the jewellery and if you are losing anything while customization. You would not want the jewellery to lose its value as customization does away with heavy pieces.
  • Be creative about the ways you can wear the jewellery without making any changes at all. For example, a wedding ring which does not fit can still be used as a pendant. Or if you inherited earrings which look too heavy, you can use them as a brooch for the dress. The possibilities are varied.

Tips to customize hand-me-down jewels

If you are determined about customizing the hand-me-down jewellery, we have a few tips for you here:

  • If the design is too gaudy or old-fashioned, you can simply take out the precious stones and get them made into a completely new piece. Keep the base structure of the inherited jewel and substitute the extracted diamonds with more affordable alternatives. This way you can retain the original piece as well as get a brand-new one.
  • Always opt for resizing than re-designing the jewel whenever possible. The original design does not get disturbed and yet you can get it fitted perfectly as you desire.
  • If you want to customize old jewellery, look for the original jeweller. Especially if it is a piece from reputed jewellers who are still in business, they can give you the best advice regarding how to remodel the jewel.
  • After remodelling a jewel, make sure you keep all the related documents properly till it is handed down by you. It would be much easier for the next heir to make the most of the jewel when they have the relevant documents.

Lab grown diamonds UK are becoming popular by the day but nothing can beat the beauty and elegance of inherited jewellery. if you know how to style them perfectly, you can make them match your wedding theme and dress flawlessly.

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