How to Avoid Skin Diseases during Rainy Seasons?

How to Avoid Skin Diseases during Rainy Seasons?

How to Avoid Skin Diseases during Rainy Seasons?
According to research, the risk of viral infections doubles during the rainy season as compared to any other season because of the high humidity in the air which helps bacteria and infections to thrive.
Seasonal influenza, malaria, typhoid, dengue fever, cholera, and hepatitis A (yellow jaundice) are the most common diseases that occur during the rainy season.

The most common of these are colds, cholera, and skin diseases that affect children and adults alike.

Medical experts say that everyone should take special care of their overall health and cleanliness during the rains, apart from the normal routine, this can not only prevent fever, stomach diseases, viral and infections but also help protect the skin from nail acne and pimples.

Medical experts say that the rainy season is not as dangerous for normal and dry skin as it is for those with oily skin. During this season, those who already suffer from acne are more troubled, while those with clear and dry skin are also prone to various skin infections.

Expert Yin says that to avoid getting sick during the rainy season, first of all, try to keep your house clean from flies, then for your cleanliness, you should bathe at least two to three times a day, and you have to wash your hands and face frequently to avoid spreading bacteria and germs.

How to avoid the negative effects of the rainy season?

Better results can be achieved by regularly following the following tips to avoid the negative effects of the rainy season on the skin.

Medical experts say that people with oily skin should wash and bathe their face with salicylic acid solution 2 to 3 times a day to prevent skin diseases during rains.

Massage your face with ice to protect your face from acne during rains, do not give up this habit as long as the rains and monsoons last.

In this season, a solution, oil, or toner containing tea tree oil can be applied to the exposed parts of the body, it will prove useful.

Try to keep yourself calm and drink a reasonable amount of water. And drinking hot water is better. Medical experts say that hot water has 100 times more positive effects on health than cold water.

According to medical experts, As the body temperature rises, the skin pores begin to secrete excess oil, so avoid caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea, carbonated water, and other spicy foods.

People with dry skin can use a good, light, low-greasy moisturizer while going out, while those with oily skin can apply aloe vera gel.

If your skin is oily, you should avoid any kind of BB cream or moisturizing lotion during monsoons, apply makeup minimally, and try to wash and dry the skin frequently to keep it clean.

Moisturizing the skin during the Rainy season can be dangerous for the skin so avoid using any extra body lotions or repellent lotion during this period.

Remember that any harsh or chemical-based beauty products during this season can cause skin rashes, red bumps, or skin infections.

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