Five Contemporary Iterations of the Popular “Rachel Haircut”

Rachel Haircut

One of the most famous and recognisable haircuts ever is the Rachel. This hairstyle was made popular by Jennifer Aniston in the 1990s and was known as The Rachel because of Aniston’s role of Rachel Green in the hit television series Friends.

Aniston first wore this style with thick blonde highlights interspersed with darker brown patches. She fashioned the trademark wispy face-framing layers with a smooth, inward curve and wore the look with a side part. To obtain and keep up that same well-known style, use professional hair styling products.

People who want that recognisable look have been testing out this hairstyle in fresh, contemporary ways in recent years, causing it to make a comeback. Learn how to update The Rachel hairstyle from the 1990s in five different ways.

How to Achieve a Contemporary Rachel Haircut

Classic Style

You must master this ‘do’s styling if you want to maintain Aniston’s classic cut. Many face-framing elements will give you those lovely choppy layers that give your appearance body and style. This style has a long bob that often ends at or just below the shoulder. But once you leave the salon, you need to know how to maintain that exact look.

Even Aniston acknowledged that maintaining her original haircut without a stylist’s assistance was challenging. “The Rachel” was one of the most difficult haircuts to manage, she told ABC News in 2014. The hairbrush and I weren’t meant to be together, nor were the blow dryer and me.

She attributed the ideal style to Chris McMillian, a close friend and hairstylist at the time. The hairdresser who first gave Aniston this haircut that has lasted for decades is McMillian. “It really was a ‘hairdo,'” Aniston said to ABC News. “My hair looked wonderful and beautiful when Chris would style it. However, it wouldn’t appear the same if I were left to my own devices.

The typical Rachel haircut is all about styling, so using salon hairspray and other high-end products can help you attain and keep that look all day.

A Longer Layered Take on The Rachel

Celebrities and regular people alike have recently played around with the classic Rachel cut, albeit with a slight modification. A few years ago, Hailey Bieber was spotted sporting a style reminiscent of The Rachel. The hairstyle included a long bob with those same wispy layers that hung just below her shoulders. Even while the layers were a little bit longer and did not include Aniston’s shorter, more side bang-like bits, it perfectly caught the essence of the hairstyle’s tons of volume and inward-curving straight hair. In subsequent years, additional celebrities have joined The Rachel, including Tyra Banks, Chrissy Teigen, and Rachel McAdams.

A Wavy, Choppy Take on The Rachel

The popularity of pin-straight hair has declined in recent years despite the fact that all hairstyles are fashionable at the moment. This is because a new movement for curly hair advocates embracing all hairstyles and textures. You can try a different style of this famous hairstyle if you have naturally curly or wavy hair. If your hair has more structure, it will shrink up more when dried, so leaving the cut a little longer is a good approach to get the greatest results. Keep the total length of the haircut close to a long bob. To achieve a similar finish with a more boho touch, ask your stylist to add numerous jagged layers and face-framing elements.

Even though this variation of The Rachel still needs further styling, it may be simpler to keep up because your hair is left with a more natural wave. To add volume to the top, use hair styling products from a professional brand.

A Mid-Length Take on The Rachel

The Rachel hairstyle is most famously recognized for its many layers and the signature long bob length. However, if you’re looking for a fresh take on the style, play around with different hair lengths. Perhaps you want to nail the style without sacrificing length. Try opting for a mid-length cut that falls a few inches below the shoulders and add many layers for a length take on this style. It’s important to still master the use of a round brush when styling so those wispy pieces stand out.

A Take on The Rachel with Different Bangs

A variety of trendy bang styles can be worn with the haircut to give it a new look, even though the famous style has short, face-framing layers that function as long bangs. Layers that sweep across the forehead or the front of your face without hanging in your face excessively are used in the popular fashion known as “curtain bangs.” Curtain bangs are often parted down the middle, however there are varieties that allow for other divisions. The Rachel look gets a contemporary update by adding curtain bangs, which are one of the most popular haircuts ever. Talk to your hairdresser if you have a different style of middle-parting bangs to find out how you may add something special to this ever-popular trend.

Bringing Back The Rachel

Over several decades, the Rachel has remained a popular hairstyle. It has changed over time and keeps giving new looks to an iconic, sentimental design for many. If you want The Rachel with a modern twist, there are many distinct styles that pay homage to the classic while including contemporary touches, like as lengthening the cut, adding bangs, or making hair wavy.

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