Everything Included In The Sims 4 First Fits Kit


In The Sims 4, fashion knows no age.

Some Sims are born with a good sense of style, so it’s not always something they learn. With The Sims 4 First Fits, your child Sims will be able to show themselves in style. Your Sim will look good from head to toe, from the shirt to the socks.

This kit comes with 24 new things that can only be used by child Sims. All of the items can be worn on both men’s and women’s frames, and they come in a variety of swatches, from bland beiges for the more discerning child to fun, bright colors for the more creative ones.


The point of a kit isn’t to add a lot of new things to the game, but rather to bring in a small group of items that fit the theme perfectly. There is only one full-body outfit in the kit. But what it lacks in numbers, it makes up for in style.

The main item is a dress with a belt tied around the middle that is worn over a t-shirt.

With the different swatches that change the colors of each part. The dress feels like a new, one-of-a-kind piece every time and can fit any Sim’s style. The style of the dress can also be changed by mixing it with the many accessories that are available.


The kit comes with two shoes. There is a pair of pretty big hiking boots that are great for climbing the trails on Mt. Komorebi for kids who like to be outside.

There is a pair of low-top platform sneakers that busy Sims who are working on their motor skill can wear to play basketball or just to make a fashion statement.

Any Sim can wear these shoes, and they can be worn for any event. Both shoes come with swatches that match all of the clothes and items in the pack. So your Sim can put together a very fashionable outfit from head to toe.


Five of the many tops in the set can be called coats. Each one gives each Sim a different style, from a big fluffy coat that’s great for keeping warm in the winter to a sleek quilted vest that’s perfect for the summer.

This set is the right mix of style and comfort. Whoever said “beauty hurts” has never seen these clothes.

There are also two sporty jackets. One is a basic tracksuit zip-up, and the other is a varsity-style bomber jacket with sleeves that come in different patterns. Lastly, there is a jacket with a hood that looks like a sweatshirt. This is perfect for a Sim who wants to join the Renegades club but is a little bit rebellious.


There’s nothing about pants, but it’s usually a good idea to wear some. This kit has four pairs to choose from, which is great.

Each pair is more comfortable than the last. Three of the pairs are sweatpants, and the fourth pair is sweat-shorts.

You don’t have to worry about your Sim looking too casual in them, though. Because each pair is either patterned, quilted, or comes in a variety of stylish swatches to make them loungewear: the classy kind of sweats. And, of course, they all go with the tops that are available to make the perfect outfit for a day of doing homework or hanging out in a tree house.


This pack has five different kinds of Sims accessories: a hat, a pair of sunglasses, new socks, a watch, and a pair of tights. When you put them all together, your Sim can be the coolest kid in the whole class.

The hat is a beanie that looks like an updated version of the one in the base Drive Mad game. Like the socks, it has a Simlish brand logo on it. The stylish bridge on the wire-framed sunglasses makes them stand out from the other pairs. The watch is a tracker.

Lastly, the new tights are a pair of colored fishnets with crystal appliques that will make any outfit look fancier.


The seven shirts in the kit were saved for last. There are many different types of sweaters. From a simple one that goes with any outfit to a ribbed one with no sleeves and a tied hem.

The other two sweaters are a colorful ribbed sweater with more style and a sweater with a backpack on it.

There is also a t-shirt with the same patterns as the other pieces and a second t-shirt with a button-up shirt thrown over it. The stylish and young collection is finished off with a jacket with short sleeves worn over a long-sleeved shirt.

With many Create-A-Sim packs focusing on items for teens and up, a kit for kids adds much-needed items to the game to update the outfits of your child Sims. As your Sims get older, make sure that these first stylish outfits won’t be the last ones they wear.

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