Elevate Your Bathroom With Quality Accessories

Making your bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary is easier than you think with these quality accessories. Luxurious towels, a relaxing bath mat and other upgrades will transform everyday activities into pleasurable experiences.

Keep the area tidy by adding plenty of storage. Baskets, bins and shelves make great options for organizing toiletries and household essentials.

Upgrade Your Showerhead

If your shower has become outdated and worn down or you want a spa-like setting in the bathroom, replacing its showerhead is one of the fastest, easiest, and least costly projects you can undertake to instantly transform it. Choose from high-pressure models or eco-friendly fixtures with built-in water filters; there are even options with tracking features so you know when you use too much of it!

Once you’ve found the ideal showerhead for your space, uninstall and clean out the existing fixture before installing your new head. Use thread tape or plumber’s tape on female couplings to form a watertight seal before tightening until secure.

Upgrade to a digital smart showerhead for an easier showering experience, featuring either a touchscreen or voice-activated interface that lets you manage temperature, spray styles, settings and personalization to deliver an individualized showering experience. These smart showerheads have also been proven to save gallons of water per day without compromising quality – helping lower energy bills, conserve resources and decrease indoor air pollutants while saving precious resources and resources in the process.

Add Marble

Marble is one of the most luxurious materials you can choose for a bathroom, instantly adding an air of elegance to any space and timeless enough that it won’t go out of fashion anytime soon.

Homeowners don’t need to undergo an entire bathroom refit in order to bring marble into their homes for creating high-end aesthetics on a budget. Though tiles are one way, you could also incorporate it into statement pieces like freestanding tubs or vanity countertops as a stunning accent piece.

Consider using decorative marble mosaics instead of full slab tiles when decorating your walls, as these options tend to be more affordable and come on mesh-backed sheets that allow for easier cutting into shapes suitable for bathroom borders.

Selecting a color palette that complements the natural hues of marble is an effective way to ensure it won’t clash with walls or flooring, such as whites, greys, dark blues and even black shades. Some popular marble colors include white, grey and darker hues of blue from darker blue through to black hues.

Add a Bench

Shower benches can add a luxurious touch to any bathroom, creating the feeling of a spa experience. If your bathroom has enough space, consider adding one across one wall – not only will this create an eye-catching focal point but you can use the bench for seating as well as storage of toiletries or other essentials!

If your space doesn’t allow for an inbuilt bench, a seat can still be added to your existing walk-in shower. Just ensure the bench matches with the aesthetic of your floors and walls; some seats may even be constructed of water resistant materials like stone or gauged porcelain tile for optimal use.

If your shower is located near a window, take full advantage of natural light by adding an upholstered bench. Not only will this cozy seating option add color and warmth, but its fabric could match other furnishings in the room such as chairs or ottomans for an integrated look.

Upgrade Your Fixtures

Your bathroom fixtures are an important element in creating an overall cohesive look for the room, acting as the first point of contact when people enter and can transform an otherwise dull or contemporary space into something extraordinary.

Upgrading fixtures is one of the quickest and easiest ways to transform the appearance of your bathroom, particularly if they are old and outdated. When making this decision, make sure that it suits your aesthetic by choosing fixtures that will match or complement the overall design of your space.

Upgraded fixtures can also save money on your water bill. Old and outdated faucets, showerheads, and toilets weren’t designed to conserve water efficiently – leading to wasteful usage and wasted gallons every year. Installing WaterSense-labeled fixtures or low-flow toilets is a great way to both save money and reduce environmental impact simultaneously.

Fixtures offer more practical upgrades to add value to your home than home entertainment systems; for instance, adding modern light fixtures can give any bathroom an updated, contemporary vibe.

Add Textures

Texture is an integral element in bathroom design that brings both tactile and visual depth. From grasscloth wall coverings to reclaimed wood wainscoting, adding textures can quickly bring warmth into any bathroom space.

Make the bathroom even more tactile by playing with tile patterns – basketweave or brick weave tile will bring unexpected and eye-catching texture to walls, or combine woven baskets, rattan storage bins and handwoven towels for a relaxing spa aesthetic.

At last, you can add texture to your bathroom by updating its cabinet hardware with a brushed finish or hammered metal. This easy change will instantly change its look and feel while adding personality. However, beware that too much texture may quickly become overwhelming; ensure your bathroom features plenty of finishes and bathroom accessories that balance it out to create the ideal atmosphere.

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