Documents Checklist For Business Schengen Visa For Vietnamese

Documents Checklist For Business Schengen Visa For Vietnamese

Application for a Schengen visa in Vietnam requires you to gather several documents. Submitting all the correct ones per the embassy or visa centre’s instructions will increase your chance of getting it without issue; pay close attention to this document checklist below, as it outlines what documents need to be prepared for application.

What Documents Do You Need for a Schengen Visa From Vietnam?

You must prepare these documents for your Schengen visa from Vietnam:

Application Form

When applying for a Schengen visa in Vietnam, an application form must be filled out accurately with all your personal and required data. You can typically access one on any website of visa centres or embassies in Vietnam and download and complete it before signing it.

Your Vietnamese Passport (Original And Copy)

Your original Vietnamese passport and two copies must have three-month validity from the date you leave the Schengen area and contain two blank pages issued within the last 10 years.

Identity Photographs

You must submit two recent passport-size identity photos that adhere to the Schengen visa photo guidelines; the photos must have been taken within six months and taken in your country of application for a visa. There may be more than two photos depending on which country is applying.

Civil Status Certificate

Please provide documents verifying your civil status, such as a birth, marriage, family, or death certificate (if applicable).

Proof Of Accommodation

To enter, you must provide Schengen visa proof of accommodation such as hotel bookings/reservations/Airbnb reservations/family member or friend stay arrangements or proof that you will stay with them during your visit.

Roundtrip Flight Itinerary

A confirmed reservation from Vietnam to Europe and back. If any internal flights are taken, include them as well.

Travel Health Insurance

Additionally, you must provide a certificate that fulfils the criteria outlined by Schengen travel insurance guidelines and secure medical coverage of at least EUR 30,000 (equivalent to D 754,869,721.85 as of January 2023) against unexpected illnesses or injuries that might arise while abroad.

Proof Of Paid Visa Fee

When applying for a visa, please submit proof that your fee was paid – otherwise, your application will not be approved!

Cover Letter

In Vietnam, to apply for a Schengen visa, you may also need to submit a cover letter that details why and what plans are during their stay, how long they stay in the Schengen area, etc.

Copies Of Previous Schengen Visas (If Applicable)

If you have been issued any previous Schengen visas before applying for another one, copies must be provided as proof.

Birth Certificate And Proof Of Parental Consent (If Applicable)

In cases where minors are applying for a Schengen visa, their application package should include both their birth certificate and parental consent for travel if travelling alone or with only one parent/legal guardian. Note that for minors, the application form must be signed by both parents/legal guardians (one will suffice under special circumstances).

Proof Of Sufficient Financial Means

To secure a Schengen visa, original copies of bank account statements displaying transactions over the last three to six months and showing account balances or Proof of regular income must be presented: 

Depending on your employment status and requirements for submission, documents are a must, such as:

  1. If employed: An employment contract and certificate of annual leave from their employer.
  2. If self-employed/freelancer: Business licence (if applicable). Business bank statements. 
  3. For students: Certificate of Registration at University, School, or College: Your ID Card, Registration Certificate from the Faculty signed and stamped by the University, and Grade Transcript are all essential evidence of Financial Stability for you and your parents.
  4. If retired: Want to display evidence of your pension payments from the last six months? The bank statement could show this.

Proof of employment contract or evidence of sufficient financial resources for your stay in Schengen visa.

You can contact any online company for a flight itinerary for a visa. Before using the services of any website you must check their reviews.

Eligibility Criteria For Getting Vietnam Business Visa

To be eligible for travel on a visa, you must meet certain eligibility criteria.

Be a genuine traveller – You must possess good and valid reasons for visiting a country. Furthermore, all expenses must be met – You should possess sufficient funds to provide yourself and any dependents with necessary support throughout their stay in that country.

Reasons for Return – To ensure a successful stay abroad, strong ties must exist between you and your home country that will ensure your return when your visit ends.

Be of Good Character – To return safely after being away for any time; you must maintain good conduct throughout. A police clearance certificate (PCC) is necessary to be in good health- You must meet at least the minimum health requirements established by authorities and have a valid invitation from an authentic company in the country where you plan to conduct business.

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