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Make your home an oasis with premium AKDO tile’s unparalleled beauty and transform your kitchen, bathroom, or living area into a peaceful sanctuary with porcelain, stone, glass mosaic tiles sure to elevate the area. Our extensive collection includes porcelain, stone, glass mosaic and mosaic options that will elevate any area.

Tile may be one of the most durable and adaptable materials to use for your bathroom, from classic neutral hues to vibrant hues; its timeless neutral tones or vibrant hues will take any bathroom experience to new heights. Glazed or unglazed tiles will elevate it even further.


Porcelain wall tiles are stunning pieces that come in various colors, textures and patterns to complement any setting. Their beauty mimics natural materials like wood and stone while remaining durable enough for high traffic areas. Furthermore, porcelain tiles tend to crack less often than other tile types for less hassle when dealing with cracks and chips and their elegant luxury is hard to beat!

Ceramic tiles are hard and dense, making them an excellent choice for bathrooms with frequent moisture. Their non-absorbent surface makes them an excellent choice for shower walls or any wet area where steam, rainwater, slush or melting snow could otherwise accumulate and damage other types of tile types.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles may seem comparable, but there are important distinctions that will impact your renovation project’s longevity. Most importantly, porcelain is more resilient due to its higher density and hardness compared to ceramic.

Glazed porcelain tiles are the most commonly found home applications. Glazed porcelain has an impenetrable, baked-on glaze coating which adds color and texture. Not only is the glaze impervious, it also adds strength and can withstand heavy foot traffic without chipping or cracking; unglazed porcelain tile, though less common, also exists and features through-body tiles with its coloring mixed through its clay composition – making them durable yet easy to maintain.


Glass wall tiles with their mesmerizing luster and variety of customizable design options make them the ideal choice for modern kitchen backsplashes and bathroom accent walls. Reflecting light, they help brighten darker rooms to make rooms appear larger and more welcoming; their non-porous surface also reduces risks such as watermarks or bacteria growth in high moisture environments.

Glass tile mosaics come in an endless range of styles that will add character and distinction to your space, from herringbone patterns to geometric forms. Some even boast frosted or matte finishes for enhanced slip resistance on flooring surfaces that might come into contact with water.

Subway tiles remain the go-to choice when it comes to glass tile styles, yet some retailers also provide herringbone-style and other textures to give a room a more three-dimensional appearance. And for those seeking something truly eye-catching and stand-out, iridescent or pearlescent tiles create an unforgettable effect in any home environment.

This family-owned retailer provides a vast selection of porcelain, ceramic, glass, marble and stone tiles in multiple sizes and finishes, easily customizable through their website’s online chat feature for full service experience. Our experts love that this retailer’s showrooms provide free design consultations while its nationwide shipping of samples costs only nominal fees – features which we highly value!


No matter your design preferences, stone wall tiles offer something suitable for every contemporary or classic interior style. From marble ledger panel backsplashes to pebble mosaics, there is something suitable for every decor and every budget. Natural materials add depth and texture while maintaining warmth within any space; plus they require minimal upkeep!

Porcelain wall tiles are an excellent choice for high-traffic areas like kitchens, bathrooms and entryways. Constructed from durable non-porous material that mimics natural stones such as natural stone or brick; porcelain wall tiles can easily imitate these materials’ looks while being easy to clean and water-resistant – ideal features in homes exposed to extreme climate conditions.

Granite wall tiles provide a sleek and polished look compared to other options, being made of hardy rocks that can withstand extreme weather. Plus, they’re more cost-effective.

If you prefer earthier options, Andesite wall tile could be just the thing. This rough material gives your home an earthy vibe while its yellow tints can easily get stained; therefore, a protective coat should be applied over them to preserve their look.


Mosaic art can be an engaging and fulfilling activity for children and youth of all ages, offering them the chance to express themselves creatively while exploring various art styles while making a permanent community contribution that brings pride. Mosaic projects also help develop teamwork skills – they can be done solo or with others such as groups or families.

Mosaics originated by combining broken ceramic tiles, glass, and stone into decorative patterns and pictures for use on walls and floors. The pieces that comprised these mosaics ranged in size depending on their use; fine mosaics may consist of small bits of glass thread or splinters while ordinary floor decorations often featured square cubes about one centimetre square in size – initially it served to decorate pavements and floors where durability was key.

Mosaic art has long been popular throughout history. Mosaic was first brought into Spain by Moors, while twentieth-century Catalan artist Gaudi took it one step further by incorporating broken tiles with china plate fragments and glass bottles from china plates into his iconic Park Guell and Sagrada Familia cathedral designs in Barcelona.

Today, mosaics can be created using various materials, from natural stones and shells to recycled glass and mirrors, beach glass, china tiles and tiles. Modern industrial mosaics often employ prefabricated classical designs while artisanal ones may make use of contemporary tools like waterjet cutting to produce more edgy contemporary patterns. When creating a mosaic it is crucial to plan ahead; arrange all tesserae correctly before glueing them onto their base material in order to reduce waste material and ensure pleasing aesthetic results. When choosing an adhesive choose outdoor-rated grout to protect from weather damage damage.

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