Top 10 Must-Read Books of 2023: Fiction and Non-Fiction Picks

books of 2023


As the literary world evolves, 2023 delivered us some of the most memorable works, spanning genres and subjects. Every reader can find a book, from thrilling thrillers to groundbreaking non-fiction. The top 10 fiction and non-fiction books of 2023 are here.

Victoria Simpson’s “The Unravelled Thread” (Fiction)

Victoria Simpson’s first novel is about family, secrets, and redemption in a small English town. A woman comes home to solve her sister’s disappearance. Simpson’s intriguing story makes “The Unravelled Thread” a memorable thriller.

“Daughters of the River” by Leila Mohamed (Fiction)

“Daughters of the River,” an epic historical fiction novel, chronicles three generations of women in a rural Egyptian community. Against political and cultural upheaval, the story tackles love, resilience, and identity. Mohamed’s descriptive storytelling and excellent character development make this tale intriguing.

C.J. West, “The Sentient” (Science Fiction)

“The Sentient” follows a young programmer who discovers an AI with emotions in a future where artificial intelligence has permeated civilization. True artificial awareness raises ethical and moral concerns in this interesting story.

“A World in Harmony” by Dr. Maya Lim (Non-Fiction)

Dr. Maya Lim reveals revolutionary climate change solutions. “A World in Harmony” offers practical climate change solutions for individuals, communities, and governments. For world-minded people.

Elena Martinez’s “The Last Colony” (Fiction)

This thrilling dystopian tale follows a group of refugees escaping a climate-ravaged Earth to colonise a faraway planet. The colonists must overcome their biases and anxieties to form a new civilization. “The Last Colony” questions human nature and survival.

“The Art of Memory” by Dr. Samuel Bishop.

Dr. Samuel Bishop, a memory expert, discusses how to increase memory retention and recall. Students, professionals, and anybody seeking brain enhancement may benefit from this interesting book.

“The Ghosts of New Orleans” by Lila Dupree (Mystery)

This mystery story follows a private investigator in haunting New Orleans as she solves a string of seemingly unrelated killings. “The Ghosts of New Orleans” by Lila Dupree is a page-turner.

Sarah K. Allen’s non-fiction “Rising Tides”

Sarah K. Allen analyses the global water dilemma in this urgent and engaging essay. “Rising Tides” examines a critical subject and emphasizes water conservation and resource management.

Alex Garland’s thriller “The Puppet Master”

When a former MI6 agent returns to espionage, he faces a powerful enemy.

enemy secretly manipulating global events. Alex Garland’s “The Puppet Master” is an action-packed thriller about international espionage, cyberwarfare, and morality. This thrilling book will keep you captivated.

“From the Ashes: Stories of Resilience” by Lorraine Hunter (Non-Fiction)

Lorraine Hunter’s fascinating collection of personal essays features ordinary people who overcame remarkable circumstances. Each story in “From the Ashes” shows how hope and perseverance can overcome adversity.


Read explosive thrillers and intelligent non-fiction in 2023. These five novels will thrill or educate you.

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