All Confirmed Characters In Tekken 8


Everyone who is known to be in Tekken 8 is listed here.

Are you prepared for the next fight? Tekken is getting ready to come back by showing off its new graphics and movesets in beautiful videos. And as Tekken 8 gets closer, we always worry about whether or not our favorite characters will come back.

We still don’t know who will be on the team, but we know some of them, like the ones who always come back and the famous ones who were expected. Who will compete in the eighth King of the Iron Fist Tournament?

Jin Kazama

Let’s begin with the most obvious. Jin has been the main character of the series since Tekken 3. In Tekken 7, he didn’t play a big role because the point of the game was to finish the story between Kazuya and Heihachi. But now, the show will again be about him.

The trailer also shows that he has learned to control his Devil transformation, at least to some degree, by using some of its powers during normal combos. It’s still not clear if Jin and Devil Jin will become one figure like Kazuya or if they’ll stay separate.

Kazuya Mishima

For our main character to stand out, we need a strong bad guy to fight against him. So, Kazuya Mishima, the former hero who went bad, is back as the only threat in the Mishima family.

He keeps the idea of transforming at will, like in the last game, but we don’t know if it will work the same way as Tekken 7 or if the rules will change. No matter what, it’s always nice to see him again.

Nina Williams

The most popular killer in Tekken, who even got her own spin-off game, will be back for another visit. She also has a new look, which is something most characters have done this time around besides Jin and Kazuya.

And if her agile attacks aren’t enough for you, she also sometimes moves with two guns at once. A bit unfair to bring guns to a fistfight, but there are actual demons in the game, so we guess that’s fair.

Paul Phoenix

When it comes to new looks, Paul no longer has his signature hairdo. His strikes are just as aggressive as ever, and his special is so powerful that it tears the sleeve off of his jacket. That’s what you’d expect from the only stranger who could beat Kazuya.

Still, it’s more likely that he’ll be a comic relief figure, since that’s what he’s been doing for a number of entries. And that means his partner in crime will be back:

Marshall Law

Law goes where Paul goes. They don’t really compete with each other, but for a long time in the show, they went on fun adventures together. Still, the most important thing is that another well-known figure is back.

He is as fast as ever, hitting, kicking, and fighting with his nunchaku. But, does he still want money for his restaurant? Just wait and see.


Like he should, King the Second is also back. One of the most famous characters in the whole series, he is a master at wrestling his opponent until they die. His return is both welcome and right.

He also has a small plot going on with Armor King and Craig Marduk. These characters haven’t been confirmed yet, but they could show up just to continue the story between the three of them.

Lars Alexandersson

The unknown member of the Mishima family is also coming back. He was the main character in Tekken 6, and since then he has helped Jin in his fight against Kazuya, so it makes sense for him to come back.

His clip shows that he moves quickly and hits like lightning, which is true to his Mishima bloodline and makes him a real threat to play against.


There is no Tekken game without a weird robot bodybuilder showing off his fake muscles. Jack units have been a part of the series since the very beginning. There are a lot of units out there, and in some game types, they can even be used as minions.

Jack is more than ready for the competition. He has a beautiful new look, strong blows, surprising speed, and a laser cannon. And someone needs to change the rules about what can and can’t be done at the competition.

Jun Kazama

The biggest surprise on the team is that Jun Kazama is coming back from the dead to fight again. Except for the non-canonical Tekken Tag games, she hasn’t been seen since Tekken 2. But Jun Kazama has come back in some way.

She will also be important to the story, since she is Jin’s mother and can’t be ignored. She also seems as hopeful as ever, and the fact that she and Kazuya are talking again makes the whole game interesting.

Ling Xiaoyu

Jin’s best friend Xiaoyu is also back to the ring. She has one of the most unique fighting styles in the game, with moves that look both fierce and beautiful, like she’s dancing around her opponents.

Her goal is usually to find Jin and help him in any way she can, so it would be nice to give her a bigger part in the story, even if it’s still a supporting one, since the plot will probably be about Jin, Kazuya, and Jun.

Leroy Smith

The newest part of the story is also coming back. Leroy was a DLC character in the last game, but he fit in so well with the rest of the series that he became a hit right away. He deserves to be on the main list instead of as DLC.

And since some of his opponents have guns, it’s only fair that he can use his cane as a tool when fighting. His dog Sugar comes with him, and just like in Tekken 7, we’ll probably be able to use her in fight.

Asuka Kazama

Why would we have two Kazamas if we could have three? Asuka used to fill in for Jun, but now she is her own character with her own moves and rivals.

Still, it would be nice to have her be a part of the story, especially now that more of her family will be important to what’s going to happen. Still, it will be fun to see her and Lili together.

Emilie de Rochefort (Lili)

About that, the writer’s main character, the posh student who became a fighter, is back with her over-the-top attitude, quick movements, and strong kicks.

Even her feud with Asuka, which is usually at the center of both of their stories, is shown in the trailer. She now has a cat named Salt, which is possibly a joke about Leroy’s cat Sugar.


Hwoarang is a famous character who is good at kicking people. He and Jin made their first appearance in Tekken 3. They are also enemies, but as Jin became more involved with his family, Hwoarang was pushed out of the story.

Still, he has always been a fan favorite, and the trailer does make a little bit of a joke about how they are rivals. Hwoarang also seems to be acting more like an adult, but we won’t know for sure until we play Wordle Unlimited game.

Brian Fury

Brian Fury also comes back with a surprise that happened a little bit sooner than planned. Harbinger of Chaos, as the trailer calls him, Brian is the very definition of Chaotic Evil. He fights and kills just for the fun of it.

The cyborg’s aggressiveness is on full show, with powerful strikes and counters and his beautiful signature punch that makes people jump off the floor.

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