8 Strongest Versions Of Link In The Legend Of Zelda


Link has appeared in many different forms in the Legend of Zelda games. Here are the eight forms of the Hylian hero that are the most powerful.

The Legend of Zelda has a lot of things that keep coming back, but only one thing has been in every game: Link. Across the three timelines of the series, there hasn’t been a single Link. But the spirit of the Hero makes sure that each Link looks like a well-known character. The main thing that stands out about that person is how brave he seems to be all the time.

But not every Link is the same, and some have a harder time saving time in Hyrule than others. Like the best versions of Princess Zelda, the strongest Links can cut through Ganon like he’s butter, but not all of The Legend of Zelda’s heroes are made the same way.

Hero Of Time

It’s harder to figure out how strong the Hero of Time is than any other Link. Canonically, he loses to Ganon in one of the three timelines and most likely dies, but Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time show that he is very skilled and that he is in charge of his position. In the same way, Majora’s Mask gives him the Fierce Deity’s Mask and shows how much he has changed since OoT.

Even though the Hero of Time died in one timeline, everything else about him shows that he is a very skilled fighter. After Majora’s Mask, he doesn’t seem to do anything important again, and he doesn’t show off his sword skills until it’s too late. This means that he has to stay as the Hero’s Shade.

A Link Between Worlds is one of the best Legend of Zelda portable games, and its version of the Legendary Hero is one of the best. This Link has to go on an amazing trip to find several pendants and wake up the Sages of Hyrule, just like what Link does in Ocarina of Time and Tears of the Kingdom.

Along the way, he gets many useful things, like the Master Sword and the Triforce of Courage. But the “big bad” he faces in A Link Between Worlds is what makes this Link special. Players have to deal with Yuga, a strong magic user who wants to bring Ganon back to life. Once the bad guy is able to bring back his “master,” they join together to make Yuga Ganon, an even stronger being. Link’s victory over Ganon in A Link to the Past was amazing, but it’s clear that the fused Link is even stronger.

Legendary Hero

Link usually gets to go on no more than two adventures. The Hero of Time might die with regrets because of this, but it’s not a given. Some Links only get one experience, but one Link, the Legendary Hero, has made it his job to travel the world and free kingdoms that have been taken over.

The Legendary Hero is the same Link from Link’s Awakening and the Oracle games. He was first seen in A Link to the Past. Link has killed Ganon twice, but not sealed him or won against him. One of the times, Ganon had the whole Triforce with him. The Legendary Hero also has access to some of the most powerful magic in the series, like all three of his Medallions and both of his magical Rods. On top of that, he used a Master Sword that had been fully hardened. The Legendary Hero is probably the only Link who never stopped going on adventures.

Hero Of Twilight

The Hero of Twilight is the first Link from a 3D game who can’t use any of his own magic. He makes up for this by being one of the best swordsmen in the series, if not the best. Link is not only trained by the Hero of Time himself, but he is also strong enough (with some help) to sumo fight Gorons. On top of that, because of the Twilight, he can change into a magical beast. As a wolf, Link’s senses are sharper, and he can bite his enemies hard and hurt them.

The Hero of Twilight is even the first time that Link has a move that can kill. The Hero of Twilight doesn’t have to be as passive in battle as other Links do. Instead, he can fight as strongly as he wants. So far, he is the only Link who has fought Ganondorf one-on-one and won. Fans still want the game to come out on Nintendo Switch or to get a full remake.

Goddess’ Hero

Tears of the Kingdom looks a lot like Skyward Sword, and both games use myths to move the story of Eggy Car game and the lore of the series forward. But their versions of Link are very different from each other. In Skyward Sword, the Goddess’s Hero shows how strong he is by being the first person to use the Master Sword and by getting the Triforce all by himself.

The Goddess’ Hero also beats Ghirahim and Demise more than once, and they are two of the most powerful bad guys in the series. Even though he can’t use magic, the Goddess’ Hero doesn’t need much more than his sword.

Dark Link is still Link, no matter how you look at it. He is also very strong in the canon, even if he isn’t the best bounty hunter. He is made of shadow magic, but he has the same skills and strength as Link.

So, Dark Link’s power is almost as strong as that of the Hero of Twilight and the Hero of Time. Shadow Link and Dark Link are also different because they don’t appear in the same games. But Dark Link stands out as one of the strongest versions of Link. Because of his general strength and the fact that he can also “conquer himself.”

Hero Of The Wild

The Hero of the Wild has some of the most amazing things that have ever happened in the world of the series. Not only did this Link block a Guardian’s attack with a pot lid. But he has also been strong enough to beat Hylian soldiers with weapons since he was a child. He’s also strong enough to go straight to the final boss and kill Calamity Ganon on the spot, though this exact order is probably not canon.

Link also spends most of Breath of the Wild traveling around Hyrule without the Master Sword or a Hylian Shield. But he can still beat strong enemies like Lynels and the four Malice-infected Blight Ganons.

Hero Of The Kingdom

This Link is the most recent one, and he is the only one who kept the Master Sword after the events of their game. But after Ganondorf’s frozen body was woken up under Hyrule Castle, the weapon is almost too broken to fix. Link doesn’t do much better, and he almost loses an arm in the process. But soon, he gets the arm of the Rauru, which gives Link a wide range of Zonai powers.

On top of that, when Link finds the Master Sword again, it has more Zonai power. Because it has been bathed in holy light. When the Hero of the Kingdom fights Ganondorf again, he has not only his own skills. But also the power of the Seven Sages flowing through his right arm. This Link is the most like God he’s ever been in the series, which makes him the best.

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