7 Most Terrifying Quests In Diablo 4


There are some really scary quests in Diablo 4. These are the best examples of what I mean.

There are going to be some scary quests in a game about an epic fight between Heaven and Hell, where the main characters are demons and the undead and the whole background is full of blood. That’s how the Diablo series got famous, and Diablo 4 carries on the proud practice.

There are many ways that the quests in Sanctuary can be scary, but some are much scarier than others. It’s also not always about blood and guts. Sometimes it’s about the fear of the unknown and the misunderstanding.

Picking Through The Bones

picking through the bones campaign quest diablo 4

Anything that has to do with the Whispering Tree will give Diablo 4 player the creeps. “Picking Through The Bones” is part of the campaign quest chain. It’s in Act V: Secrets Bartered, Fates Sold, which is near the end, so the level of horror has been building up to this point. This quest comes after “A Cold and Lifeless Shore,” and it’s followed by “Beneath the Wine Dark Sea.”

It’s all a macabre dance with talking heads, ghostly ships, and a ride in a coffin. A casket that can’t move. Most Diablo 4 players would rather have devils tear them apart than go through this kind of horror.

Cries Of Innocence

cries of innocence dialogue screenshot diablo 4

“Cries of Innocence” is one of the quests that players can find while walking around the countryside. Getting there is easy. From Kyovashad, take the road west and cross a small bridge. Here is where Vendral Trost is waiting, and the ghost of his dead son keeps him awake at night.

Not that. That’s not scary. The scary part is when the ghost shows up and cries out that his father should never have left him in the prison, which is now called the Black Asylum. This sort of place is always haunted, and it looks more like an old church or castle than an institution. Players have to get rid of every ghoul, skeleton, banshee, and other kind of ghost, including Corik Trost as a child.

Desperate Remedies

Desperate Remedies diablo 4 screenshot dialogue npc

This quest is more like a mystery thriller because the player has to figure out the riddle of a cursed amulet by following creepy signs. The first part of the quest is to do some simple detective work. The second part is to search some funeral pyres and bodies for the remains of a journal, which is a very unpleasant job.

The path goes to Light’s Refuge, a nearby dungeon. Even though you don’t have to finish the tunnel to find the amulet, you do have to open the door to the second half, where Aldara is waiting.

Malady Of The Soul

malady of the soul quest ending screenshot diablo 4

This is the famous exorcism quest chain, which plays out like a movie about the supernatural. It’s actually a series of three quests where the player helps Mother Octavia try to heal people who are possessed by demons instead of killing them. The other option, being burned at the stake, hasn’t exactly won people over, so Octavia is looking for a third choice. She is waiting on the side of Kyovashad that faces southeast.

The first exorcism seems to go well, even though it gets pretty violent, but the second one goes wrong when the person Octavia was trying to save freezes and breaks into a thousand pieces. She is the person who needs to be saved in the third and final quest, and Funny Shooter player is the exorcist.

The Woodsman Of Nevesk

chain of possession screenshot with woodsman of nevesk challenge

The story of a possessed axe starts out as what seems like an easy story about a serial killer. But it takes the player by surprise. The axe is cursed, and whoever picks it up gets possessed by the spirit of the dead woodsman.

Find the first link in the chain by talking to a non-player character named Magdelena and doing a quest called “The Woodman’s Axe.” The player finds the axe and gives it back to Magdalena, but that’s not the end of the story. It goes on with “Chain of Possession” and “Legacy Unmade,” where the Woodsman is finally beaten and the player gets a nice new axe.

Unyielding Flesh

Lilith Emerges Diablo4

As Lilith moved across Sanctuary, she left all kinds of pain and suffering in her wake. She also tempted people to give in to their darkest and dirtiest wishes. “Unyielding Flesh” is one of the side quests that tells one of these stories. It starts with a wife who has been dumped and a husband who has been cheating.

There are a lot of nods to the Hellraiser movies in this quest for people who have seen them. But the quest is still scary even without those details. Find this quest in Gale Valley, southeast of Kyovashad, in the small town of Yelesna. Krystyna is on the southeast side of town. Her husband has gone missing, and she thinks he ran off with another woman. When he is found, what happens to him is much worse than dying. But the character gets a new dagger out of it.

The Dread Martyr

The Dread Martyr D4 quest

The first thing that happens in “The Dread Martyr” is that the player finds a dying knight in the snow. This is a cold mix of the sad and the macabre. Explore the Frigid Expanse until you find Sir Cromwell lying in the snow and dying.

That’s scary enough, but now the player has to go to a place called the Hallowed Ossuary. Which is a cave where Lord Avitus’s bones were buried before he came back to life as a revenant. When Avitus is killed, the quest is simply done because there is no one left to give the reward.

Right now, you can play Diablo 4 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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