10 Things Only Veterans Remember In Fortnite


This list of things only “OG” Fortnite players will remember will make them miss the game.

Fortnite has had its own Victory Royale crown for more than five years because it is one of the best Battle Royale games. Fortnite is popular not just because it works with a lot of different brands, but also because it is always getting new locations, weapons, and an ever-changing meta. Everyone can play Fortnite, but the real “OGs” will remember certain things.

When it comes to Fortnite, there are a lot of things that only long-time players will remember. Fortnite has a long history of things that only true pros will remember with nostalgia, like a variety of Vaulted content and first-ever events.

Friendly Fire

Friendly fire was turned on for the first few months after Fortnite came out. At the time, this change split the community, because friendly fire added an extra risk to the game against the 100 people. But fans soon realized that the game would be better in many ways if there wasn’t any friendly fire.

Players were finally safe from the trolls who could ruin the Victory Royale by killing their friends.

Traps And Devices

Players used to be able to find a variety of traps and gadgets in the chests of Fortnite. People in the community didn’t like these traps very much because players could use traps like the Ceiling Zapper, Damage Trap, and Poison Dart Trap to trap another player in a wall where they would die.

In the end, all of these traps were taken out of the game and put in the Vault, never to be seen again. Some players might miss the chance to set up a Ceiling Zapper and kill an opponent quickly, but other people in the community are happy to keep these traps as memories.

Season Shop

In Season 1, when Fortnite was just starting out, there was a Season Shop instead of a Battle Pass. Depending on their level, players could use V-bucks to buy things in this Season Shop. Some of the strangest outfits in Fortnite, like the Aerial Assault Trooper and the Renegade Raider, were in the Season Shop. These outfits, like the Aerial Assault Trooper and the Renegade Raider, haven’t come back to Fortnite yet because they were only in Chapter 1, Season 1’s Season Shop.

Before the Battle Pass, there was the Season Shop. Now, players can level up and get all kinds of cosmetic prizes by spending 950 V-bucks. It was a great change, because in the Season Shop, players had to pay real money for each thing once they reached the level requirement.

Double Pump Strategy

The most feared move in Fortnite is the Double Pump. The meta is always changing, and players always bring their own loadout to Battle Royale. But the Double Pump was a method that almost everyone used. That was until Season 5, when it got nerfed, making it impossible to use because moving shotguns now takes time.

A player who used the Double Pump approach had two Pump Shotguns in their inventory. Players would get around the slow rate of fire by switching between the two shotguns. This made it possible to kill a lot of enemies quickly.

Shopping Carts

People who play Fortnite were worried when cars were added to the Battle Royale mode. For months, players had been running around the big map with their feet on the ground. They didn’t need fast wheels to help them get away. The first car was a funny-looking Shopping Cart.

The Shopping Cart is a great example of how cartoony Fortnite used to be when it first came out. The Shopping Cart could be driven by two people, one of whom pushed it while the other sat in it as a passenger. Shopping carts are no longer used at all.

Rocket Launch Event

The first official Fortnite event took place on the Battle Royale map on June 30, 2018. Live Events were rare, so millions of players showed up to see the first Fortnite event ever held in the real world. During the Rocket Launch event, players watched as a huge rocket took off from the Villain Lair POI.

Many players thought that this rocket would blow up the Tilted Towers, but instead it made a bunch of holes in the sky, which was the start of a bigger story in Fortnite. Some players missed the Rocket Launch Event because combat was going on. This meant that players who wanted to see this important event could be killed by other players.

The Infinity Blade

The Infinity Blade is so well-known and powerful that even the official Fortnite Twitter account said they “messed up” by adding it. There was a good reason for this: in Chapter 1, the Infinity Blade won the Battle Royale, making it clear that whoever had the sword would be in first place.

The Infinity Blade would give the player a level of mobility that had never been seen before, the ability to almost kill any opponent in one hit, and the ability to easily break player-built buildings. Players would also get health back for each kill, so even an army couldn’t stop a Fortnite player with the Infinity Blade.

Fortnite x Avengers

It’s not unheard of for well-known brands to work together. Before Fortnite x Avengers, games like Mortal Kombat had famous characters like Kratos on their rosters, but it’s safe to say that Fortnite really opened the full potential of collaborations with this event.

Marvel and Fortnite have been working together for a long time. Marvel even has its own season in Fortnite. But it all started in 2018 with the limited-time Infinity Gauntlet game. Penalty Kick Online players have been able to work together well because of this event. It was a lot of fun to run around the Fortnite map as Thanos and kill everyone on the island with the Infinity Gauntlet.

The OG Map

victory royale screen in fortnite

As of Chapter 4, there have been 4 different maps for Fortnite. And there are sure to be many more on the way. Veterans of Fortnite still remember the first map best, and many miss the points of interest (POIs) that it had.

Even though famous Fortnite points of interest have come back on other maps. Nothing hits as hard as the first Fortnite map.Moisty Myers was one of the things that made people like the first plan. There are many different places in the new Fortnite maps.

Victory Royale!

victory royale screen in fortnite

Everybody remembers the first time they played Victory Royale. Exhilarating is how intense and full of energy it was to be in a game with 99 other players and come out on top against all odds. Still, the original Victory Royale screen has a strangely comforting look that makes players feel like they’re at home. Back then, players didn’t need the best add-ons to win.

As soon as the last person is out, they won’t be able to move anymore. Instead, a blue bar that says “#1 Victory Royale!” will cover their scree. And they won’t be able to do anything but stand still. There is no slow-motion effect or victory music. When players go back to the lobby, the regular Fortnite theme takes over.

You can now play Fortnite on your phone, computer, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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