10 Best Game Series That Could Do With A Total Reboot

Let’s go back to the drawing board and try again with these series.

We all love video games, but we can all agree that some of our favorite series could use a fresh start. After all, it was giving a good idea a new coat of paint that led to Kratos, everyone’s favorite video game dad who is always upset.

When you say a series needs a reboot, you’re not saying it’s dead or failed. Instead, you’re saying that a reset of the game’s features, story, or even playstyle would make it go from “two thumbs up” cool to “rainbows falling out of your mouth” amazing. Reboots don’t always work, but they’re always worth a shot, especially if the series has already tried something similar in the past.

Resident Evil

Some people will call the remakes a kind of reboot, but that’s not what I’m looking for. Realistically, the series should have started all over when Chris became an action hero who could punch boulders and stand in an active volcano without getting scared or dying right away.

The action-packed direction that Resident Evil has taken has a campy charm to it, and the remakes and first-person games have helped bring back some fear, but the lore is just too heavy on the characters, even in remakes. Let’s just start from scratch and go back to that scary house.

Metal Gear

If you asked me to explain what’s going on in the Metal Gear universe, I wouldn’t even know where to start. Everything is so confusing because it looks like a movie, and there are even canon zombie illnesses, it seems.

The series can still be silly, and I’m not one to take away that beautiful rocket jump. But getting back to the basics would likely help a lot. A story reset would be a great way to bring new people into a scary world, and the games wouldn’t have to change much.

Mega Man

Every Mega Man series could use a fresh start, so it’s really up to you which one you’d like. At this point, there are just too many games in each series, and no one cares about the story except for diehard Mega Man fans.

A modern first-person shooter or even a third-person Mega Man game would be amazing, and the best way to make that happen would be to start the whole series over and tell a new audience how Mega Man got his start, no matter which version of the story you choose. or just give us Mega Man Legends 3.

Silent Hill

Is it even well-known that parts of some of these games are related to each other? For a while, it looked like we were going to get a great new start to the series before Kojima broke up with Konami in a way that would make every couple on 90 Day Fiancé blush.

Silent Hill still has the feel of being stuck in the 1990s, which isn’t always a good thing. Adding some modern touches to the creepy town could bring back the survival horror genre as a whole and give a whole new spin on what Silent Hill can be.


In 2010, an effort was made to restart this series, but since it didn’t feel very new, it didn’t do very well. People love vampires and all the creepy things they bring with them. Castlevania is a classic idea that deserves a second chance at a reboot. I mean, Twilight is being talked about as a reboot, and those vampires don’t even sparkle.

If the Castlevania series on Netflix is any sign, people can still tell great stories, especially if they go back to the classics. Whip fighting might be hard, but that might just mean that the series should change and try something more RPG-like.

Sonic The Hedgehog

People get very excited when new Sonic games are standard 2D side-scrolling action. So maybe it’s time to start the whole series over. There is a lot of interesting Sonic history that could be used. But let’s just skip the idea of a bedtime story this time.

I can’t think of anything more “kid-cool” than a character who runs fast, talks sassy. And can actually turn super saiyan. Sonic is almost asking for success, but for a lot of people, being too safe or swinging too wide doesn’t work.

Assassin’s Creed

At this point in the series, it seems like there have been a thousand assassins. But I still don’t care about any of them. The series has made big changes to the gameplay to make it more interesting. But some people feel that it has moved away from the main draw, which is being a super cool killer.

It’s cool that the series moves from one historical setting to another. But it doesn’t do much to make the series a big draw besides making it fun to watch. Let me whisper more sweet Italian nothings into the ears of my targets. There’s a reason why Altair and Ezio are the only killers that people remember.

Mortal Kombat

Why not start over again with Mortal Kombat? Even though the series just started over with Mortal Kombat One in 2011. I think it will need to start over again after this game. Something about how these story choices are made just doesn’t end up working out.

Maybe a new world reset will show us how Bo’ Rai Cho became the master of drunken punches and tell us why Ermac and Liu Kang are now best friends out of the blue. That might sound strange, but it’s not even that strange, since Liu Kang was a zombie for a while.


I just want a modern JRPG with almost a hundred playable characters, because why not? There’s a lot to like about Suikoden, and it would take a lot of work to bring it up to date. But if Persona 5 can be a game you can play for more than a hundred hours, I think a new Suikoden game could too.

Even better, add some Persona features to spice things up and help the characters get to know each other. If you’re building an army, Doodle Baseball game should at least let you move everything you want.


This remake might be one of the ones that people have been asking for the most. Even though the Borderlands world tells a funny sci-fi story, it has started to feel really old. And a lot of that is because of some really bad character choices.

The series has lost some of its charm. So a complete restart of the looter-shooter could be just what is needed. It might also work, since the series is just meta enough for those screechy Psycho lines to call out the fact that it’s being restarted.

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